The Sonnet of Whistles and Trills

May 19, 2009 at 6:42 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 24 Comments
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I miss you
though the poet’s obsession with birdsong persists
after all needs are met and each moments eternal,
forest animal noises nocturnal rejoice
in duplicitous infinite variations on bliss
a stolen and sparkling tinily smiling quick kiss.

Slide trombone and oboe song occur below,
light curls luxuriate in thighs and smiles
divide your quick anticipation
of one almost destination,
a long slow song of tides disguised
on skin so shy it rises at the merest sigh,

like this, the least unsubtle synonym
for I remember once the simplest kiss,
now missed.


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  1. This piece has been podcasted here.

  2. I just listened to the podcast of this and it gave me goosebumps. The assonance sounds like dark kisses.

  3. Couldn’t listen, but it was beautiful to read. Lovely.

  4. Hello again! Reading this piece has my ears with such noise and texture! Lovely, lovely stuff … as always

  5. the podcast is great, including your elongated alveolar fricatives:)

    Thank you for one of the most unpretentious and moving poems i have read in ages.

  6. Great to hear it spoken — an intriguing poem of synonym and sound.

  7. Oh Paul, this is so beautiful.

    Love this –

    in duplicitous infinite variations on bliss
    a stolen and sparkling tinily smiling quick kiss.

  8. could not hear it too, yet so beautiful. love poems that envlove music in and out of them.

  9. This is a wondrous sneaking snake of a poem, Paul. And hearing you read it is a completely different experience than reading it. Because, in your voice, under all those birdsong words of quick kisses remembered rests the snake, hidden, sibilantly silent in its own beautiful noise.

    Really, this is exquisite, not simply as a poem, but as what some poems can become – incantation, enspelling, song.

  10. Elegant and beautiful. Just perfect.

  11. yr generosity with words and emotions comes thru forcefully here. great stuff.

  12. Oh Paul, how honest & bare. I always get stuck with first lines, and this simple one is spine-tinglingly effective. Thankyou for opening this up to us.

  13. I second all of the comments on this.

  14. After all these comments what can I say? maybe repeat the title adding that I liked them a lot those whistles and trillsss…

  15. Paul, your work just thrills me, it just does. Fly kiss.

  16. Oops, posted comment too soon, breathtaking beauty of the poem aside, there is an incredible control over the pace and internal rhymes, I can’t wait to hear it on podcast…

  17. alto, heroin, fast, chord, bebop, ornitology, birland.

  18. Wow, thankyou all for your wonderful comments. I am speechless with gratitude.

  19. The poet’s obsession with birdsong thrills me. One reason for getting up in the morning. Sublime!

  20. Exquisite!

  21. so what they all said. like ditto n stuff. oh, and bravo. there aren’t enough bravo’s dished out anymore.

  22. rotfl, at least some subtle, beautiful, the sound felt like another song to me though, beautiful too!

  23. mm. lovely!

  24. One of my favorite originals by Scribe Squires. Worthy of its repost.

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