The dissident.

April 28, 2009 at 6:53 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 15 Comments
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Caliban’s whiskers, “Respect
the dissenting voice, descending.
I have fallen inextricably

into some tangled
maze of scented curls

beneath which hides a harp
only to find some secret silent place
to whisper, hmm, come here,


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  1. That’s funny!

    Someone is feeling a storm coming on.
    Tick tock,

  2. It is like laurie anderson interpreted

    I wanted you. And I was looking for you.
    But I couldn’t find you.
    I wanted you. And I was looking for you all day.
    But I couldn’t find you. I couldn’t find you.

    You’re walking. And you don’t always realize it,
    but you’re always falling.
    With each step you fall forward slightly.
    And then catch yourself from falling.
    Over and over, you’re falling.
    And then catching yourself from falling.
    And this is how you can be walking and falling
    at the same time.
    Laurie was a pioneer in many ways, it’s true.

  3. this piece times the all betterer and betterer all the times, peace this
    Peace you too, Tipota.

  4. Can I get a cent for dissenting scents? Not even one?
    Now where’s my bowl?

  5. A harp, how wonderful. And all together it is intoxicating.
    A harp, for the shape, the sound and the Harpo moment, Narnie. And I am hoping that there is backwards implied rhyme to ‘ear’ so as to demonstrate the non-linearity of poetry.

  6. Comment #1 was spam, folks.
    I see that Paul deleted it.
    Now my comment looks out-of-place.

    I won’t say what they were selling.
    Someone may have been shopping, eh?

    I won’t harp on it anymore.
    Keep the good works up!
    It was indeed, Mr Tree but I think your comment still makes sense in the context of the pome.

  7. Caliban gave you language and your profit on’t is poetry.
    What a lovely line, thankyou.

  8. ah well, it happens, beautifully :)! …
    It does happen,

  9. I missed the porn? Darn…oh well, lovely write 🙂
    Let me just say, there was no porn, just a link to a sex toy shop. I fear my reputation as an upstanding member
    of the community may be ruined, Tina.

  10. I was a huge fan of laurie in the 80’s. She helped me to expand my mind.

  11. gosh there’s poetry over here!
    how delightful and wonderfully highbrow.
    and you’ve popped my name up there as
    ‘featured artist’
    that’s very kind of you indeed.
    thank you.
    i’ll pop back regularly because it really is quite lovely over here.
    And it really is quite levely over there too.

  12. I am lost in imagining the tangled maze of scented curls…..
    Me too,

  13. I’m a dissident. Your lovely poem seems to echo exactly what happened to me today.

    I’m not Caliban, exactly. But someone thought I was.

    Someone with a harp. Harp with beautiful, silent music that can break a person’s heart.

    So, aussie poet, you’ve cheered me quite a bit.

    I didn’t even want to be a dissident. I just am.
    All artists are dissidents, or should be I think. Glad to have cheered you up, Aletha, painter of fishyfish.

  14. Lovely. And ‘all artists are dissidents,’ indeed. Secret silent places are always good- especially when there’s a harp involved 🙂
    Yes they are always lovely. Thankyou, Harmonie.

  15. This is very sweet and soft and scented.

    I like how there are no end quote marks.

    I have to decide which books to teach this summer and may put you on the syllabus. I’m going to spend a week on lit on the web and other forms of non-traditional publication while considering the conversation of what makes literature literature.

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