The difference between an attitude and an idea.

April 27, 2009 at 8:01 pm | Posted in australian poetry, podcast, poetry, writing | 12 Comments

It is not complicated. But it is something oft forgot, I think.
I have podcasted April here. (6 whole minutes)


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  1. I find discomfort in the idea that personality can be described by the word quality.
    Hmm, you’re right Noah. Perhaps I should change that? Yes I will it is kind of overstating my case a little. Thanks Noah, excellent commenting.

  2. I’m not such an excellent commenter cause I just go woohoo! you rock! and suchlike. I like your rants, grumpy pants.
    Woohoo! You rock too, Narnie. The anthology looks fantastic. You did a fantastic job. I ordered mine and I want a signed copy too.

  3. The world seems not to care, everyday life becomes:
    I am dead, a living dead, I am fucked up.
    Far from everything else, far from myself.
    Disconnected inside, disconnected outside.
    No real life. No real pain. Not even numb, blameless.
    Always in the wrong place. Always uncomfortable.

    No inspiration
    I am tired of explaining myself
    I run out of ideas about what to say
    At least I am alone now
    Hopefully I will be for a long time

    Dig deeper (try to do something)
    An essential component of a good, flourishing life is the adoption of and expression of a reasonably complete identity. An identity is a complex set of behavioral and attitudinal character traits, a personality. An identity enables us to come up with new ideas, providing hope for change.
    I’m afraid I believe the consistent personality is a myth, Mariana. I have been engaged in the dissolution of a single stable self for a long time now, so it’s probably too late. Change is always good.

  4. Ideas are generally better.
    Yes, they are Mr Drodbar. Engage the idea not the person, the writing not the writer, I always say.

  5. “I should finish with something happy.” The tone in your voice when you said these words brought a huge smile to my face.

    Paul, I love hearing you read your work. You don’t miss a beat. As spoken word, new life and new energy leaps forth from these poems I so love. I can appreciate the effort it takes to produce a recording and get it right. You got it right, every time.

    I am under the age of 30… until July. 🙂
    Cool, thanks Bryan. For the over 30 rule, you are definitely the exception.

  6. It is true that there is not a fully stable personality, but there are things about you that are stable, and you can rely on.

    What I think is that our personality is formed by everything, our little angel in our heads, our little hitler, our confidence, our self loath, our roles as fathers (along with the love we feel thowards our children), our desire for sex followed by our infidelities, our marriage which we are proud of and happy with, our submissive attitude towards our boss, and so on.
    AS you can see in my opinion we are all of that, manybe not at the same time, but we have all that things in ourself.

    Regarding change I also think it is good, specially if it is directed towards a better place. But this change does not mean that we stop being all that we where before.

  7. Very strangely i was conceptualizing a very similar thing … how clashing of ideas is as important as not clashing of personalities is … i abandoned it for now but its a little eerie to see it again 🙂 … have to listen to the podcast later 😦

  8. Hey Paul, also chked out your comment, the below thirty one … i don’t agree, im not young, just chronologically challenged 😀
    Haha, and fabulous too, Ms Mist.

  9. I am looking forward to listening.
    Cool, let me know what you think.

  10. Some folks spend their lives looking for reasons to be offended. Just smile, pat ’em on the head, and walk away. Other folks wander, dazed, looking around and talkin’ to themselves out loud. What is life, and who gets to decide? Life could be a dream, sweetheart.
    It could be. I am definitely in the latter group, wandering, dazed,

  11. Your poetry is enhanced when you read it aloud. I enjoy every podcast!
    Cool, thankyou, Selma.

  12. ranting is good old fun 🙂
    Yes it is, Jessie.

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