The Death Of Genre.

April 17, 2009 at 6:55 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 10 Comments
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Today, my friends, we
the death of genre and in
its absence
the rise of genius for without it
we are doomed to endless repetition
the squandering of words like there was some surplus
inevitable in attempts at description

I live so near the mouth of a river where once was mangrove swamp. If I was a shaman I would surely call that creature forth accompanied by an elegant American anarchist, Thomas Paine, who shifts in his wooden chair with an if I may intrude, what once was plunder is now revenue.

Hurrah! And let the froth spill over,


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  1. blown away by this brilliance, and funny brightness, beyond that any comment i say r but squandered wordlings before this work of a masters play

  2. Nice 🙂 … well summon the creature, why not? now that you have declared it dead someone or the other inevitably will 😦

  3. let the froth spill over, indeed, pallie. viva genius! let’s all smoke genre’s ashes – it’s friday!

  4. When a genius raises his glass to celebrate genius, it is symbolic of the universe being at its creative best, Yay!

  5. Bravo 🙂

  6. [achem]

    Although I’m grieving, I’m thankful she left behind a brood of subgenres.

  7. Paul, wow! Loved this. My favorite piece by Paul of the month. The shaman in you is definitely awake.

  8. “the death of genre and in
    its absence
    the rise of genius”

    Oh, Paul, this goes to the top of my list too. This is one I will print out and tape to my wall o’ inspiration.

  9. Whoa! Here was I mourning the fact that Angus and Robertson, etcetera, can’t tell the difference between ‘self help’ and ‘philosophy’. This is dangerous stuff, Paul. What part of the shop should I aim for? Must I be forced to raise my awareness levels? To take off my blinkers? Alphabetical ordering comes to mind but that’s problematic too. I reckon Paul Squires – Puzzle Box goes under S for Squires, but attention spans are now so short that many shopkeepers can’t even get past the first name. I was going somewhere with this…

  10. Paul, I stopped by to read and wasn’t disappointed. Not surprised at all to find your words still thought provoking with some magic thrown in. I particularly liked this one. The underlying thought that I came away with being that you (or we) can celebrate the death of what has become common place because it gives room for growth, or shows growth? I get so stagnant – my own mediocrity showing. You always make me dig a little deeper than I would otherwise, which is good. Thanks. – Mimi.

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