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by Herbie Hancock, tag writing with soundtrack, the sheerest of self indulgences, barely more than grey smoke curling around her hips and manifest in a blaze of red across a spring valley, the rushing of water and inevitable tumbling fishyfish til reaching land we discover Canteloupe Island herbiehancockstyle, insert missing link haha.

What purpose is there in bald description, or vast arrays of explication splashed across the night sky, it must be an arrangement by which we can chart some …
Ari! get back here son. There’ll be no chasing of horses for you,


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  1. Oh my Goodness! I was walking past Ann Summers the other day and…

    This is clever and more clever, tsk.
    Haha, I am blaming it all on Aubrey Beardsley at the moment.

  2. Written by R. V. Braddock and C. Putman, Jr.

    He said I’ll love you ’til I die
    She told him you’ll forget in time
    As the years went slowly by
    She still preyed upon his mind

    He kept her picture on his wall
    Went half crazy now and then
    He still loved her through it all
    Hoping she’d come back again

    Kept some letters by his bed
    Dated 1962
    He had underlined in red
    Every single I love you

    I went to see him just today
    Oh but I didn’t see no tears
    All dressed up to go away
    First time I’d seen him smile in years

    He stopped loving her today
    They placed a wreath upon his door
    And soon they’ll carry him away
    He stopped loving her today

    You know she came to see him one last time
    Oh and we all wondered if she would
    And it kept running through my mind
    This time he’s over her for good.
    R.V.Braddock & C.Putnam

  3. Love this – especially the rhythm of the first paragraph. Sweet.
    Cool, thankyou.

  4. Your words once again flow like music, Paul.
    Thanks, Bryan. I am working my way towards something but I’m not sure what yet.

  5. Fine, musical wordsmithing.
    Thankyou, Aletha.

  6. ‘splashed across the night sky’: awesome.
    So is herbie hancock, never’d heard him before. I think it is important to understand the characters you reference in order to get a full appreciation of what you write. cheers.
    Herbie Hancock is amazingly cool. He’s played with most of the greats. Cheers to you too, wonderful Harmonie.

  7. music and adventure and floating into an island at night! this is a very dreamy escape
    It was a very dreamy escape for me too, Mrs Ott.

  8. I have turned comment moderation on. I love the comments but it’s easier if I grab them all and answer them all and then shoot them out here. Most of you know who I am and where I am anyway. And I am getting slower as I get older and more focused.

  9. beautiful! what purpose indeed 🙂 …

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