In the absence of evidence

April 15, 2009 at 6:43 pm | Posted in writing | 6 Comments

against, your honour, may I plead getting on with my business? I am after all born into the age of pink sugar and whilst I accept that I am indeed in contempt of court, I also assert that is not of my own doing. My contempt was forced on me by the ridiculousness of your attire.

It is done, he said, turning to you, I shall call it “On The Complete Anonymity Of The Artist” and discard it on some esplanade.


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  1. There is this quote I hope you like
    “The illusion (if there is one) comes, on the contrary, from the impersonality of the work. It is a principle of mine that a writer must not be his own theme. The artist in his work must be like God in his creation — invisible and all-powerful: he must be everywhere felt, but never seen.”

    this idea applies to any kind of artist (musician, actor, ….)
    I have been known to indulge in a little Flaubert here and there,

  2. Is it a life sentence? Ohhhh, I smell volume two from Mr Paul Squires? How exciting!
    Yes indeed, life sentence it is. Volume two is under way.

  3. I like the last sentence of the first paragraph….
    Cool, ‘contempt’ is one of my favourite words and I get so few opportunities to use it.

  4. I, too, love the last sentence of the first paragraph. Your pieces are so rhythmic that they beg to be read out loud, each word savored like a delectable chocolate.
    Thankyou Thomma Lyn. Have the tadpoles transmutated into frogs yet? I will go have a look.

  5. Nice flow, definitely. Esplanade is one of my favorite words, such a wonderful buoyancy to it.
    It is a nice word and fits well between ‘artist’ and ‘discard’

  6. nice! this transported me to a different age 🙂 …

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