Confabulate, towards a def’n

April 14, 2009 at 6:37 pm | Posted in contemporary poetry, poetry, writing | 11 Comments
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Andy Warhol looks so sad, hang him on my wall,
muses Bowie, misheard.
Oestra, the pagan festival of fucking
announcing the coming Spring,
we can’t accuse the actor of hypocrisy
nor hold him accountable for the tiny error
made by the director, some
spectre, Phil, replacing what
was a bright array of balloons released
with hammering in a nail.


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  1. Haha… cheeky.
    Should I edit in linebreaks? I don’t want to particularly but it might slow the reader down and get it read more like a pome? Bloody genre,
    Oh okay, line breaks it is then. There, I suppose it does make it easier to read but it still feels like a compromise. Thankyou, Narnie.

  2. paintings just look so great 🙂
    Yes, they do.

  3. At first I read that last part as hammering a tail. Probably still reeling from the festival. Har. I need more coffee. What time is it? I like my poems to look like poems. I’m weird like that. My computer’s been in the shop 2 weeks. I may have to hurt somebody. Wake up, everyone!

  4. By the way, there aren’t enough spaces in these replies, Paul. I need double spaces. I’m dangerous without
    I will see what I can do, Agnes. I like spaces too. Most of what happens happens in the spaces between things. That’s a pity about your machine. No time travel for you lately then? And…segue into vodpod,

  5. k, y is everyone pickin on poor phil, r u saying warhol and phil are similar and bowie is filled w/laughter and greed… i remember in his time he was this incredible producer.. dolangdolang..he’s so fine… wish he were mine… that handsome boy over there.. the one with the wavy hair… now he holds a big gun with frazzled hair… tell me it’s not about the hare… and oh btw, so sweet to see the gorilla back there at my place… nobody else got it or cared to speak of it… humor… it’s all about pink humor… plz….
    Oh I was just using the icon of Phil in a Warholian way to illustrate my point about what the Christians did. I really liked your gorilla poem and the lollipop one. More humour, that is an excellent idea.

  6. This poem gives new definition to the meaning “coming of Spring” :-0

    Seriously, in light of your poem commenting on Christianity, what a powerful end-image of replacing multitudes of balloons with a hammering of nail.
    Thanks, Harmonie. I’m glad someone noticed my rude joke.

  7. “I don’t know the key to success,
    but the key to failure is trying to please everybody”. Which implies being a hipocrite.
    Either the quote is wrong, or the logic system I was based on for doing the inference had a bug.
    You could try, “Only people who say nothing have no enemies.”

  8. I’ll echo Narnie with a resounding CHEEKY! I rousing standing ovation, a high as a kite high five, a belly-laugh and finally a wink and a knowing nod.

    I’ll have to look into this Oestra…

  9. Come to think of it, I might have celebrated Oestra while rearranging my furniture the other day…
    Yes, I saw your celebration of unrestrained sensuality whilst rearranging furniture, Bryan, and was so shocked I couldn’t think of anything to say. It is brilliant.

  10. Heh. This made me grin from ear to ear. 😀

  11. Very clever

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