The Aleister Crowley Riff

April 9, 2009 at 6:13 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 10 Comments
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“Do what thou wilt,” said Crowley passing the Punch and Judy. Like some verb descendant, wilt. In later years he shambled the beaches of Brighton, a mere figure of fun. If you assert that it is possible to contain actual magic in language no amount of argument will do, nor drawing strange designs in the condensation left on the kitchen table from the bottom of a cold bottle.


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  1. You have to be blind not to see the magic. Just look at a child starting the process of learning his mother tongue.

  2. If there is a need for argument then there is obviously no magic. Language is the limbo for self expression. And this piece I heartily enjoyed…

  3. Brighton courts religious and sexual controversy even now (very topical as a Brighton preacher has personally invited a guy to come and talk about his opinion on the positive aspects of suicide)… I think we would be curious to see him picking over the pebbles. The closing thought on this piece is a wonderful tease.

  4. language is magic…yours is anyway 🙂

  5. “actual magic in language” — perfect phrase.

  6. Wonderful piece, and I love the image of drawing strange designs in condensation.

  7. its just a means to any end, why dissect it this far?

  8. MMM, MedicatedLady likey. Language is more than symbols. Language is symbols of symbols.

  9. Love the meta reference, about signifying symbols, of medicated lady.

  10. language is magic, definitely, and this was a magical small slice of it.

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