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I had a fantasy in which the only skill I needed to survive and prosper was to cast type.
I am an extraordinarily slow moving and monobrained creature, sloth-like, possessed of great polymorpheousnesses. And I do enjoy what I do with a kind of stubborn insistence. The spheres of the universe, Buddha’s balls, etc. The question is whether it is appropriate to foist it on others. Flicking it round like that monkey at the monolith, Squires. Is there some morality required? “Must we have rules?” Sunonhead squints up into the flickering canopy.


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  1. It is so much fun/joy reading your sentences that look to me like slices of a giant delicious apple:)

    “Must we have rules?” , very difficult question indeed!

  2. Hello! Excuse me if asking a question is against the rules, but who is Sunonhead? Is he/she a character that you created? The Venus pic is funny!

    Uncle Tree

    Hello, Uncle Tree. Questions are definitely not against the rules. Sunonhead is a character I invented. If you hit the tag Sunonhead it will take you to all the posts about him except the ones that are in the “The Puzzle Box”.

  3. no, we need have no rules – just the many and small attentions to those things beyond rules, which most rules seek to serve (and fail to serve) adequate to those things needs.

  4. I have never heard the phrase “Buddha’s balls” and give you immense credit for bringing this term into my vocabulary.

    Must we have rules? Probably, in some form, as to identify some sort of structure is our – or my – nature, though my fantasy is to have none.

    If you made a rule to disallow rules, would that still count as a rule?

  5. if we must have rules then where would your writing go? The core of the deliciousness of this apple is its spontaneity and its unpolluted untouched-by-rules purity. And still it maintains the firmness of Buddha’s balls,

    – 0 –

  6. *grin*, “I do enjoy what I do with a kind of stubborn insistence” — captures very well the ups and downs of the artist’s journey.

  7. foisting is surely not comfortably ‘appropriate’. neither would be giving it away forever with no recompense. selling it, perhaps, but the ? of ‘morality’ is a diffi cult subject. rules r ok as long as you dont have to be measuring every little millimeter with them

  8. If I were to say a ‘tight fit, eh?’ I would be the only one to get the joke and everyone would look embarrassed while I roll around on the floor giggling like a madman… before launching into a full rendition. So I won’t. Rules should only be made by one’s sub-conscious, imo.

  9. Why foisting it on others? Your art is a pleasure, and every poem is its own manifesto of truth.

  10. You could make someone read, but you can’t make someone think. That bit’s always a choice, rules or not.

  11. I think I ate some Buddha’s balls one time…no, wait, that was BOUDIN Balls. lol (look this up people) Anyway, they were good. I was looking up at a giant crayfish; bright red and fifteen feet long, his beady eyes staring back at me while his antennae whipped in the Louisiana wind.

  12. I am not an Anony Mouse, I am Mighty Mouse, lest this website forget that in the future and I authored the Buddha’s balls comment above!

  13. nice to see that you are still diligently distributing your wise and poetic discourse.

  14. Sorry, I am short of time again but know you all don’t mind me not answering every comment individually. I appreciate them all a lot, invaluable feedback loop-de-loops.

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