exquisite corpse of the sun

March 27, 2009 at 7:14 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 11 Comments
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Melt the length of a moment in focalfire containment
internal this kaleidoscope swirl rare birds
dolphinheaded mermaids on invisible wavelength
wings away and curls above, brings rain
created in random pattern on precision paths
of cranium unique, magnificent, containing uni
verse and multiverse, leaving rhythmic
beat impressions on bananable being obvious
unimaged, itself and nothing more. Urns
roll along the highway spilling dusty bones
from the past solitude, the study of the sun.

(an exquisite corpse is a form of collaboration. I did this one with Tipota.)


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  1. OH, I really like this. I love the urns spilling the dusty bones, exquisite! In flight from past loneliness…yes. Very nice.
    Thanks FG.

  2. the results paint a picture of the universe coalescing out of the Big Bang, cooling and spreading into galaxies whose structure was determined by sound waves reverberating in the cosmic fireball.
    Mariana, you have an amazing brain.

  3. are you good at music? your writing always makes me think of music.
    I tried to learn the piano, Vesper, but my fingers are too used to typing to learn new skills. I do love music though.

  4. “Containing uni
    verse and multiverse,”…

    Beautiful. Even the line break says so much.
    Thankyou, Thomma Lyn.

  5. Interesting juxtaposition…

    Starts with flashes of light and leads to…lonely death.
    That’s the thing with these collaborations, Crushed. No one can control them, a third force is created by the interaction of the two minds.

  6. Any friend of Henry Miller is a friend of mine.
    Noah! That’s an interesting reference. You’ll have to explain it to me though. I’ve read some Henry Miller but not a lot. Is he in here somewhere? Maybe Tipota snuck him in.

  7. A tasty collaboration, an exquisite study…the words are beaming!
    Cool, beaming and radiating,

  8. Very beautiful and powerful! Kudos to you and Tipota Paul :)!!
    Thankyou, Ms Mist.

  9. What a wonderful poem, wonderful synergy, you and Tipota work well together. I loved the musical alliteration, but the title is a killer: exquisite, indeed. And “bananable being” gave me the chills!
    Thankyou, Harmonie.

  10. But Paul, it’s your reference that I linked to Henry Miller! More literally, your hyper-link to Wikipedia!
    Oh, I see. Henry Miller was an exquisite corpser too.

  11. emphatically

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