Poetry as pornography.

March 11, 2009 at 6:40 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 17 Comments
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(Let the writers of prose have their erotica.)
There should be no purity in poetry, manners nor mechanisms,
slyness for sure and quick
air-llusions, spoonerisms and
spammers in your works burgher
after all, someone might wanna
inspect it one day

for pleasure,

so you best find some treasure
to put under what
marks the spot
i expect,


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  1. You edit, therefore you are. And yes, let them eat erotica!

  2. Poetry is supposed to be a raw, more primal fom of communication, releasing the subconscious, as opposed to the terse, direct, clinical formality of prose.

    Poetry is opening up the mind and releasing its contents as they are..
    This is true Crushed, although a certain amount of technical skill or craft never goes astray.

  3. Well, I guess you told me…
    It wasn’t me, Bob.

  4. Gosh, the comments led my mind to want to say something different and now I am in a quandry. I agree with you, I love the poem, I love the thought but one way is never the only way… and I think I know that we agree on that too.

    The increasing smile is infectious.
    I think I know we agree on that one two,

  5. there is room for many poetries.

    great play and sound in final stanza.
    Yes, there is plenty of room. Thankyou.

  6. Love it. I couldn’t agree more.
    Thanks Nick. Anyone who has Tom Waits and Henry Rollins in their hit parade is a friend of mine.

  7. love the last stanza, excellent…
    Thankyou, Juliet. I say Juliet because it is easier to type and you are not shy about your name. I have come up with a simple policy for submissions. I have submitted this one to Cordite because they pay money. A tiny tiny bit, but it is a step in the right direction. Also they have a blind editorial policy, i.e. the person who decides if the poem goes in the magazine doesn’t know who wrote it. That is gonna be my policy for e-journals. If you’re an e-journal and you don’t do that, come over and ask if you can use a poem or whatever and I’ll say yes.
    With one big expection, Juliet. Bolts Of Silk is brilliant and you are my idea of what an editor should be. Your poetry demonstrates that you know what you are talking about and you have behaved in a far more professional and considerate manner than I have ever since I met you. You rock!

  8. What a generous comment for Juliet! (and accurate of course) and may I add she is generous in her time and comments as you tend to be also Paul

    Oh and the poem! Which is why I am here in the first place! (probably not on this planet but certainly here on this blog…)

    small pearls of treasure i suppose

    we can only hope to be so inspected and for those pearls to be found
    A bit of a position statement, AP. on submitting. I need to figure out what I’m doing and why I’m bothering. And Bolts Of Silk is fantastic.

  9. Thanks for your tip on Juliet — I have found another blog to explore. 🙂 Bolts of Silk is a beautiful surprise.

    AP – I love “founf”

    I did a search to see if it was a common type-o and there were many gems on the interweb, such as someone posing this question:

    How Did You Founf Out You Were Pregnant?
    Uh oh, sorry, Danika, I fixed AP’s typo and now your comment seems a little strange. Bolts Of Silk has long been a favourite of mine.

  10. a fine invisible line of appearances one shouldn’t have to consider in the timeline of passing, cough, publication…. though looking back, i sound as a hijacked hypocrite
    You sound like temple bells trembling in a summer breeze, Ms Pie.

  11. This is playing tricks with my mind , Mr Squires. I thought erotica is for pleasure and pornography for money, not the other way around…
    neat postmodern final btw.
    Oh, I wan’t thinking about the money side of things, Ana, more that poetry is more real and closeup and honest than the distance of prose erotica, or something. Glad to see you out and about again.

  12. inspect – expect, they rhyme and they are not the opposites you might imagine them to be if you were fascinated by the roots of words, and the origins of language. First you must begin with animal noises.
    And where better to find them than in pornography or poetry. Stay tuned. gingatao is no longer me, or my blog. gingatao, the magazine…

  13. Forgive my crudeness,

    but FUCK YES, Paul!

    “There should be no purity in poetry”

    God that made me wanna make out with the screen.
    Perfectly appropriate crudeness, Bryan. You have to be in my magazine at some stage. No submitting necessary.

  14. Reading this again, enjoying it even more.
    PS What’s a good poem without a bit of vulgarity?
    Yes indeed, Harmonie.

  15. Prose, as everyone knows, can approach the poetry of verse.

    Perhaps the most poetic prose can be found in the “erotic” fiction section of those “artsy” bookstores. (Not that I read much of that stuff, mind you.)

    There are lines in there that both get to the point and dazzle the poetry buff as well.

  16. I give it a thumbs up ! 🙂

  17. Sweet! Yes.
    I always do better when my heart is beating.
    And all my plants grow from the ground up.
    Thanks, Paul.

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