Wanna blues haiku,

February 28, 2009 at 1:42 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 15 Comments

for you my darling, unusually under the influence
of moon alcohol and stars,
you have to own something before you
can turn it into air,

for after the revolution
don’t read Marx read Mao

honour is not in victory
but in the struggle there.


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  1. the doing. the process. the experience. the knowledge.


  2. interesting little sonnet like piece paul

  3. i like the last line . powerful.

  4. That missing comma between moon and alcohol makes them milk together so perfectly and innocently. I don’t know why… it just does. Lovely.

  5. fore-aft the revolution, a little nautical terminology front and back.

  6. I love it, especially that victory is in the struggle.

  7. All revolutions, though, revolve around the centre – and yet the centre stays statically peaceful, honoring itself by honoring all others…

  8. you can wrap up your wisdom gently in your mercy (or the other way around)… great ability!

  9. How many times have you used the word whiskey vs alcohol, yet where moonshine whiskey might be expected, there it is, moon alcohol, a different species, all those evaporating o’s in the air, with those evaporating things owned given up in the struggle, ah, we project so much of ourselves onto your poems do we not?

  10. I love this. Very much.

    ‘Let a hundred flowers bloom, let a hundred schools of thought contend.’

  11. Profound.

  12. It is always nice to return here and read the poetry which is worthy of being prose.

  13. Articulating the feelings I experience after reading a piece like this can sometimes be a struggle for me…

    However, if you were to interpret my face and my silence and my breath, I think you would instantly know that you’ve achieved victory here…

  14. it is wonderful to remember the stars and moon amongst the revolution… did ya see the bliss of the slivered moon and venus on your side of the world?? … attend a revolution … victory in the day to day grind of participation and the steadfast finish… touching air… great stuff paul

  15. But the moon is bourgeois.

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