Party Crasher Cliche

February 27, 2009 at 7:06 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 9 Comments

the thing is, a thing becomes
a cliche cos it contains some grain
of truth with irritates the
human until they seek some relief
in the briefest of quotations,
anon but not alone.


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  1. pearls, baby, all pearls…but i aint no swine!

  2. a precisely cut jewel
    No, it has a flaw, Tipota, like most things made by human hands. Are we trying to achieve some kind of divinty?
    although, the flaw is ‘with’ which given the ending and the hidden inverted triangle in the text, hmmm,

  3. I always worry that clichés are used as an accusation. A cliché can be used to trigger a memory, thought or emotion before you lead them in to something else. A cliché can bring a familiarity and rhythm in poetry that draws an otherwise distant observer into the fold. I like clichés (if they are used within reason)… perhaps I am irritated that people are irritated by clichés, haha. Oh yeah, fab poem mind thought thingy.

  4. Yes.

  5. a pearl
    Gwendolyn! I am thinking of having a Twitter but I really can’t be bothered, he pretends, meaning I don’t know how and probably can’t.” What should I do? This could be my first transmission. Let me count the characatersss,

  6. Thankyou, ladies and gentlepersonages. I am thinking of subtitling the blog.
    “The writing of “How to be a professional writer if you are a drunk, lazy middle-aged stoner.” “Any advice?

  7. I have no advice other than to ask – May I join you?

    Oh, and is ‘Pardon my French?’ a cliche because it sure is annoying enough to be one. Swear with abandon, I say. No apologies necessary.

  8. Paul, awesome. Your work is a never-ending spiral of evolution. But (haha) pleeeese don’t change the name of your blog (funny,)

  9. dang, recognition isn’t everything….

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