George Grosz Tattoo

February 26, 2009 at 6:28 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 8 Comments
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(Man removes bowler hat at orgy.)
At the risk of being accused of mutual mythodology or the arrogance required for rank self-promotion, (ie exaggerating the efficacy of me wares (hitching his trousers?)), nor for one minute suggesting there is anything at stake, that I sacrifice my shyness and natural humility for the cause of a far more honest ideal. (As they drop to the floor?), I would like to point out
that now
is an excellent time
to put aside your pleasant masks and costumeries and attempt some kind of truth.

Or like some flatulent senator awaiting superannuation, wallow in your clever cynicism which, delighting in its own lack of passion and motivated by fear, denies anything that truely claims a purpose, only to discover the party has occurred in your absence.


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  1. I refuse to miss out on any party of which you are a part!

  2. this is terrifically fun to read, over and again, and each time the essences emerging in the sound mix
    shift and allude i mean elusive contrapuntal accent and flow, illuminated jazz w/temperature changings-innovational!

  3. That was quite…Thought provoking, like a breeze of unease…

    Kind of like stand up and be counted, before your life ticks by….

  4. Isn’t cynicism a wonderful word? Supercool too.

  5. ‘that now
    is an excellent time
    to put aside your pleasant masks and costumeries and attempt some kind of truth.’

    Death is looking for me and will find me much sooner than I want him too.


  6. “…I sacrifice my shyness and natural humility for the cause of a far more honest ideal.”

    brilliant, as always!

  7. naked amidst a sea of pretenders… early or late thr is never a perfect time to arrive… it is a good thing to stop, read and listen before crossing the railroad tracks, thanks paul….

  8. Bowler hats are extremely sensual headwear. I once got thinking – since this came up in an everyday converstion with a friend – what erotic possibilities could possibly arise from a bowler hat? but its true.

    Didn’t Liza Minelli wear one in Caberet, or was it that other musical with Richard Gere everyone seems to cofuse it with, was there a bowler hat in the decidedly lamer “Chicago”? I once got told to remove my bowler hat…no it wasn’t quite as exciting as all that, but merely a no-hat policy – unless I could proove that the paintings of Rene Magritte are a religion (they are.)

    I generally arrive everywhere fully clothed, if not on time. Which is a fault of mine. Anyway, yes I’m getting to the bit that’s relevant to anything – in another conversation, the question was raised what do the peanuts taste like at an orgy?

    In another, entirely seperate and different conversation, we got talking about Mary and Percy Shelly and we decided that works of that era, are entirely free of the kind of cynicism and ironic jokes we see today. Were they better? not necessarily, but it is a question of truth which is worth asking a stranger at the bus stop. I think this is the debate your having in this piece, and I like it. Because I like Truth and lies that tell the truth, and you’re an artist who knows that there is such a thing, and anything else (lies) are seldom worth bothering with. cool.

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