Ratbags and smartarses,

February 23, 2009 at 6:07 pm | Posted in genre isn't dead yet but it should be, writing | 8 Comments
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You’ll find lots of them at sea.
(insert- Don’t say Jackie Chan style)
or give away your lack of education, son.
He says,

balancing the whiskey on the very edge of the piano.
You see this here tiny one is the high ‘C’
haha and Bootsy!, he says turning around just
as the sunglasses prophylactic appeared.


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  1. Don’t Zen out on us Squires.
    This piece has been podcasted here (2 mins 29 secs).
    (This is one of the most listened to I have ever done. It contains the original pasting of the Australian Literary Establishment which I will (hopefully) never live down. Needless to say, it is all a minor misunderstanding. Traditionally Australian Literature has had two sides, the smartarses (the status quo) and the ratbags (agitators for change). I proudly count myself among the ratbags.

  2. Strange incoming pingback. I don’t know these people. They seem cool but you never can tell. When the blog gets more popular incoming links without permission need to be carefully examined.
    […] Ratbags and smartarses, « gingatao […]

  3. the last sentences say too much to be categorized as a note:)

    brilliant Squires!
    Thankyou, Sherry. This week I am working on a new performance piece I can do at readings. Take the show on the road haha.

  4. and the low D is down here sir ha ha. A below C harmonic resolution hmmm wonder if disappearing technique is a criteria or is it an construct, then well, if it works it doesnt matter-too much wisdom to consider who it is working for – a performance’s volume/shape will include interaction/dependence on the audience whose collective energy may be predictable or can be formed but never lost and best when surprising.
    bending it that wayyayayayay, great power in your words and intrigue!
    Yes, I suppose it is important to remember the audience, Tipota. My intention is to shock them into a kind of stunned mullet silence early on, and then race through it and off before they realise what happened.

  5. I was about to berate you about the whiskey, Bootsy and piano when I got to art and compression, reread and absorbed the intoxication of the high seas.
    I was prepared for beration for repetition, Ms Squirrel but it’s important I get the bloggedy blog back to where it was. A place for me to have fun and experiment. I am building a new performance piece from the bottom up so I started with a familiar pack of cards, by Friday something will have happened, I hope.

  6. Short but sweet. An epilogue, or a prologue, I can’t make my mind up which.
    Definitely prologue, Crushed. They are about to take off in the machine again, the Takeshi Kitano Nexus is still a bit dicky, so who knows where they will end up when he starts pushing the buttons, fingering the keys and so on. How is your battle with the dark overlords of google going?

  7. The high C is like a light kiss in a melody I always think. Lovely grin throughout this. Excellent podcast too.
    Why thankyou, Narnie. You must be one of the two people who listened to it hahaha,

  8. This was wonderful to read and to listen to (yup, downloaded your podcast). And “the effort is making the technique disappear” — how true, both in writing fiction and in making music.

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