I don’t know why.

February 13, 2009 at 7:36 pm | Posted in writing | 19 Comments

I wanted to write a short story. It began with a young woman languid in the aftermath of making love, smelling like roses of earth and thyme. And it ended with her mother handing their first grandchild to the old man and his tears of joy.


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  1. You should write whatever inspires you. and share it with us, please, if you feel like doing so.

  2. And then, after that, I smiled.

  3. It would appear that you just did… true, it’s not a long story, but all the elements are there. Face it, sometimes a real storyteller doesn’t need embellishment.

  4. More please :-).

  5. Wow! Isn’t that one para a short short story in itself!? Avoiding the conventional cliches and finding its own succinct wavelength of telling things in your fluidity which leaves the strong vigour within beautiful simplicity!

  6. that pretty much says it all

  7. it’s nice to see words reflecting life in a simple way filled with emotion and yet no words are spoken… only the voice of the author…

  8. I do believe that was probably the best story I’ve ever read.

  9. If only I had an ‘old man’…this might be my own story in a couple of weeks.

    Write it – if it’s in you. I love “happy endings”…

  10. It’s like you wake up, decide what idea or concept you can turn on its head today, and write. Love the idea, love the execution, and now I’m inspired.

  11. Brother Paul, you can sure pinch a leaf!

  12. well, that one was over my head!

  13. you don’t need me to tell you this, paul, but yer good – real good.

  14. Brilliant, Paul. This piece is dripping with sensation.

  15. And that’s what life’s all about….

  16. roses of earth and thyme…languid in the aftermath of reading your words…

  17. Thyme is a healer, uncle x

  18. Now I would much rather read the story of the mother handing over the baby then the one of the woman smelling like earth and thyme.

    Maybe I am just showing my age but having great sex and making great love, while an awesome thing, is not such a limited experience as what I imagine the other story to consist of.

    Love Renee

  19. This idea, I love. How have you been Mr Squires?

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