The Architecture Of Water

January 20, 2009 at 6:47 pm | Posted in genre isn't dead yet but it should be, poetry, writing | 10 Comments
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(There are days when it all feels like some
strange pretense. One day
I will have to accept that shuffling
sounds around in the Dali-Crowley Deck
is no substitute for actual thinking, about

One must have an objective, cannot
expect language to reveal her secret
hidden truths tucked away
in a tangle of mangrove roots
and tumbles like platypi pursuing
a purpose in all this bizarre design
simply by allowing her her dance
and sensing undertoads and overflows.

One must have an adjective, cannot
expect her secret
hidden truths tucked away in the roots
of words sound
surround and tumbles
like platypi pursuing
a porpoise pursuing a platypi
undertoads and over


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  1. You are a true wordsmith. You make me strive to better myself. Always a treat to visit.

  2. This must be what I need, an objective and an adjective, me being all tangled in roots. But then sometimes I too think too much — which is no substitute for thinking either. I have no porpoise. Nor hardly any poise.

  3. Adjectives, objectives and platypi – who needs more? I wish language would just offer it up on a plate, though.

  4. I find that beer provides and adequate substitute for thought

  5. positively perfect piece of poetry, thankyou paul. provocatively entropic with pattern and porpoises would you consider doing a podcast performance? please?

  6. i hope you record this, i would love to hear your read it, the sounds are glorious

    and as you know yes i know those days

  7. Platypi actrually have the an amazing neural network in their bills…

    I’d trust a platypus to find hidden truth no other being could.

  8. Great truth here, Paul. It would be nice if we could pull diamonds out of our arses but the fact is it takes time, research and hard work (and of course an objective). The fact that you create these gems with such regularity is awesome.

  9. Awesome work- and I second Brad!

  10. No and yes, she cannot be expected to reveal her secrets. It’s all about the listening, I think. Beautiful, clever piece.

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