The Architecture Of Water.

January 19, 2009 at 6:46 pm | Posted in prosepoemthingy, writing | 15 Comments
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Dear Mr MC Paulus of gmail dot com,

Further to your letter of 3/1/09 we regret to inform you that we are unable to supply three pairs of bright green parachute pants (‘M C Hammer style’ or otherwise embroidered).

This is a staircase.

Subtitle (and/or font change like a spicy sidestep tango dip and delve.)  If I was M. C. Escher to whom I would address these Australian sentences with windows through which black bowler hat shaped silences appear in a clear blue sky…

Thou accuseded me of stream of consciousness (inspirated me through unintended accusation) and whilst I confess to wetness often inappropriate, I hold to my comfortable self-delusion of linguistic architecture-hood.

If I was M C Paulus the words would be clouds, the architecture of water, ridiculously delicate and precise balancing those holes in the sky and there would be no first word just as there is no last.


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  1. This is an example of what I like to call a nonlinear multidimensional text. (The links deliberately open new windows, except the last one.) Hahahaha, hello,

  2. Hello,

    Can I start with a no-but? No… I’ll start with a chuckle at the intelligence and puzzle pieces you lay before us which is more satisfying than a Rubiks, oh yes, and then the no-but

    I think I once (many moons ago) hinted my thoughts of stream of consciousness to your work and I know many others have since, but what I maybe now understand is that through your hard work you tap into *our* consciousness. In that way we readily assume that you think like us and that there is an affinity with how our minds work, whereas you are merely mirroring human nature in the most delightful and honest way. Not an easy task, I’m sure, but you make it seem effortless so you cannot assume it is anything other than a compliment, haha.

    Yes, but.

  3. pure. levelelevational. d’lightfool. on the hill sees the….
    woops cant touch this. Magic C(see) Paulus, thankyou
    for the new windows

  4. “this is a staircase”

    ahhhh yes…you lead us up and away once again

  5. “there would be no first word just as there is no last.”

    perfect, yes that is perhaps the ideal goal for any artist, being in a soundless space where one neither needs to say things or not say things and a place where one can, preferably, breathe. I’m still here by the way, been reading quietly of late. see, i’m in a library and I get told off for commenting loudly. 🙂

    exceedingly perceptive and and wholesome literature, as always. and having said just about all that I can articulate, scratching the surface again, all that remains is to demand that you sing this song with me – do you know it? – sing everything as loud as possible, and stuff the librarian.

    I saw a mouse!
    There on the stair!
    Where on the stair?
    Right there!
    A little mouse with clogs on
    Well I declare!
    Going clip-clippety-clop on the stair!

    I’ll get my coat.
    Boing boing

  6. Paul
    You give me energy so easily.
    I’ve missed it.

  7. Magritte! And this multidimensional text washed over me like waves in the ocean, a gorgeous title and last paragraph, the whole thing very dream-like. Dream-logic, they call it in psychology.

  8. I think this is the first time I’ve ever understood the bowler hat.

    And no first of last words, and a shaped silence. how wonderful all.

  9. I am completely entranced by the ‘black bowler hat shaped silences.’ I can’t stop reading that line. It is a sensational image. You wouldn’t know this but as a child I was given a book about Escher and I used to spend hours poring over the images, imagining I lived within them. I had forgotten about it until I read this. Now I’m going to go and find that book!!

  10. I could doodle off some blah blah blah about the deeper meaning (s) of this piece but instead I think I prefer not to understand it. It is beautifully non-linear, much like escher. Thank you.

  11. my own private australian sentence was for ‘life, with hard failure to understand’; nevertheless, I wish you a new year full of achievement and the happiness it brings.

  12. This is brilliant and very funny too! (love to see you in the bright green parachute pants – I’ve always wanted some). Water is so very hard to grasp.

  13. Let’s all climb the staircase, and when we reach the top, together, keep climbing.

  14. I got your hammer pants right here, baby.

  15. about a year ago when you first posted this, it was timeless and it still is. the more i have the privilege to visit your world the more i like the entire universe. the best effect imo that an art can manifest. it amazes me.
    you can blazingly wear those pants with nonchalance, not everyone could pull that off (not the pants ha ha) wc hero 4 sure my friend.

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