Outrageous, Squires.

January 15, 2009 at 6:31 pm | Posted in blogging, links, writing | 9 Comments

Over at Electric Alphabet Kate Eltham is the Chief Executive Officer of the Queensland Writers Centre which is just as important a role as it sounds. Kate’s area of professional interest include the future of publishing, digital publishing innovations and industry trends.

At another lost shark Graham Nunn is a ‘prominant figure in the Brisbane Poetry Scene’ and co-founder of ‘the legendary spoken word event’, Speed Poets. He was the Artistic Director of The Queensland Poetry Festival and is co-founder of Small Change Press (which is probably not named after the character in the Tom Waits song who got rained on with his own .38 )

They have WordPress blogs now which is cool and since this is The Year Of Doing Things I thought I would write a post about how fabulous they both are so that people  from all over the world would race over and tell them what a wonderful poet and great bloke I am and how I know all about poetry on the internet but then I thought that might be a bit obvious.

(tag, how do you spell social wroking again?)


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  1. Great poet.
    Great bloke.
    Great write-up.
    You’ve got the hat trick!!
    Thanks,Selma. Everything is proceding according to the plan with no plan. Onwards and sideways, I say.

  2. ‘dear sir and madam, wouldnt anyone of your creditable calibration enjoy an intelligentleman of lifesize letters and linguistic legend i mean a serious cool writer of indubitabubbly dimensions i mean ………ok politely: if you please…..all mediawriterarts and humans and some endangered species must experience the magic of the amazing Paul Squires to keep alive and well swell the wonders of the world at least from 8 to 11(great writer great guy and artist of new medias) OK. off i go keyboard in hand racing to linkland
    Haha, Tipota you are incredibubble.

  3. OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!! (haha)
    Outrageous punctuation, Narnie, that was loud!

  4. When all of the high profilers start rushing in here, they are going to be looking for some links to follow. I’d be a tinnie short of a six pack if I didn’t leave my tag here, Paul. Cheers 😉
    Haha, they’re bashing down the doors as we speak, Brad. You know me, class schmoozer from way back, haha. Is it beer o’clock yet?

  5. Hey Paul, thanks very much for the plug, that’s awfully civilised of you. 🙂 I’ve really appreciated your comments on the blog too.

    Hello, Kate. I do, on occassion, make the effort to be civilised, generally in the absence of beer.

  6. I am very much (I like to think) a Web 2.0 dude. I can’t believe there was a time before blogs, wikis, googles, and NYTimes online. Even PDFs will become PDFXMLs soon. (I am still a social-net/twitter wallflower though.)

    But as I’ve written before, I can’t believe there will be a time where the paper-bound, ink-printed book and its physical, sensual feel has gone the way of the vinyl record.

    A sort of jekyll and hyde?
    Oh I agree with you, Philip. There will always be books on paper, I hope. My most treasured possessions, in fact, my only treasured possessions are books.

  7. yes i agree with you quite outrageous squires simply meta schmoozability is yours
    meta-schmooze, cool,

  8. I think it was noted that you are all that, and sometimes a little more …(outrageous(1), indeed).
    I also wonder how can one become un-civil in the companion of beer, given that beer is German (at origin)? It might be the mix with Australian air? Or the water?
    As for printed books, what I like about them is that in time they become individuals. A certain bent corner, a certain smell, scratch on the cover or a spot at page 56…The problem with the digital form is that it has no smell and it is scratch proof and I find that a little unsettling.

    (1) There are two meanings of outrageous. You should know the one I implied.
    I’ll accept either meaning, Ana. Footnotes to your comments now too, amazing!

  9. its spelled “h-o-w-c-o-u-l-d-y-o-u-:-(-?” but hey, how not too!! people have to know somehow about you, and how amazing you write, we dont want you to stop from lack of encouragement :(!!!
    Uh oh, grumpy faces from Ms Mist. Sorry, but I was trying to practise reverse irony with a twist. Cheer up, we’ll be back to normal programming as soon as my mind clears.

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