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December 21, 2008 at 6:32 pm | Posted in writing | 10 Comments

is it still raining there in England? He turned over in his sleep, scrawls a note on the back of the breakfast menu. (The strange shards of songs, remembered for decades only for the melodies and then suddenly the words fall in place and the time is perfect. It is there in the not caring which is the trust. It is hidden in forgiveness for many things far worse than this which is nothing more than motion toward and momentum. We particularise the details of dreams when remembering them, experienced they are only emotion so we can say that you were created from the dream of you and not be accused of writing for hallmark, my dear.)

Perhaps it was A.A.Milne who made me what I am. Am I to be judged for this tinily excessive tiggerishness. Cream on my whiskers? Haha, I will make you erotica the likes of which the world has never seen since it happens under blue silk sheets in sunlit motel rooms overlooking the Aegean.

He rolls back into the bed and feels her move slightly before settling again into the music drifting up from the dance floor below,


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  1. Stunning. Absolutely.

    ‘not be accused of writing for hallmark, my dear.)’ hahahahahaha

  2. This morning I had duck eggs cooked for me and told I had beautiful hands.

    Grey, just grey with damp air and phesant calls here.

    This is lovely, Paul.

  3. awesome … and *ahem … erotic too

    “you were created from the dream of you” – i love that, maybe we’re all colliding dreams, eh?

    the rain has stopped now and the cats are sleeping …

  4. that is beautiful. i love the Aegean Sea, especially when you overlook it from santorini island. *sigh*

  5. I love the idea of rambunctious, energetic, child-like tigger as the embodiment of erotica.

  6. yknow aa milne over and over i read as a child what i remember most is the magical newness of each time of reading how the words breathed alive music of it the tempo/weight variations the sweet flow of the pooh bears honey made a lasting impression of ‘beauty’
    a lot like reading paul squires nowadays
    but i must say pooh bear pass the tea that hallmark is a modern sort of medici sadly i guess but anyway i know they create tremendous pocketbook opportunities for creatives if you dont mind having to be cute and/or cunningly commercial its not like the artist duh doesnt know the difference andy warhol for instance drawing shoe ads, it didnt make him a shoe artist it made the shoes his just a note on that now blabbeddy blab
    back to work

  7. Hmmm…This is like a magic hand fan that blows slowly fresh and relaxing air towards me when it is so hot and humid…once your hands stop writing the paper fan stops moving too:)

  8. I’ve been trying to put my finger on the difference between faith and trust, Paul. I think you are spot on with the ‘not caring’ of trust. It is late and my mind is fading but you have given me much to ponder here. Cheers.

  9. Saucy, and profound. You’ve given me much to ponder on too. Loved what you said about dreams and then how you used it as a platform to say something else, lovely.

  10. No hallmark writing here. Just the stuff of dreams, the bridge of time, linked in our minds, from 08 to 98 to 88 to 78, time is just a step in any direction, isn’t it?

    Now for some room service…

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