something sinister

December 11, 2008 at 6:40 pm | Posted in genre isn't dead yet but it should be, poetry, writing | 9 Comments
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lurking in the background out of sight
but not beyond vision, George and his rampant
orchestra of happy fools on another mother ship,

foxes those tricksters led by scent
and neat vibrations, flickers of a tail,
lost apon some pirate ship
time machine in obvious disguise
doing backward somersaults
trust your instincts alive
on circus wires
and when you fall into that sea
best not try to fathom it.


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  1. let it rain, 10, 9, 8, no link to George Clinton required, it’s in the tags, 765, oh I have to thank Chico too for ‘another mother’ but twas George who provided the mothership. 4321…and in case I forget, Sinister as in left handed which carries the bass when playing the piano and fathom as in try to find out how deep it is are the pivots, one at each end. Zero, so it’s a companion piece to the prose George Grosz shoulder like the poem below, cool, now where’s the beer?

  2. well well here it is 6:40 am, no coffee but a gingatao poem does the trick hello wake up good morning stretch arrrrr
    lemme say this: freedom.
    done for the day now
    all the rest is play now

  3. Fabbo, Paul. I felt a very strange sense of synchronicity with this one.

  4. George!! So happy to see you in your sparkly star glasses this morning!

    Just as long as George W Bush isn’t the next George in line, I will be happy to discover who merits space in your header!

    thanks esp for the last 4 lines; i will write them on my arm so’s to remember them this day

  5. excellent, great flow to this piece and I love the ending

  6. This is actually kind of a positive/nihilist piece. Live for today, feel life, go with the flow and just see where it takes you. Be true to yourself.

  7. No beer…O by Bacardi…orange rum that is sweet and sneaks up on ya! George Clinton…phffft. He ain’t in the southern gospel association no more. lol What you get for making all that ghetto grinding music. lol I’ll take Ray Charles any day and his smooth old piano playing ass. But ol Ray’s gone like most of my hell raising friends and heroes. Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson are still around. OOOOOOOO!

  8. I wonder if their ship pulsates so deeply that the waves reverberate their me hearties’s back to the mainland? Now that is a cruise I would join.

  9. i love yr music writing best, paul. “trust your instincts alive on circus wires” made me really happy.

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