Ideas above your station,

December 8, 2008 at 6:17 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 10 Comments
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vast slowtumbling caravan
cascades filling the sky
with imminent drama,
pink and grey some
obvious stockman charade,

you don’t need god to be good
son or a piece of shop-bought
tinsel draped on some dying tree

you see the sky boy,
now run inside there
and get your mum,


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  1. Hello. If I may ask a question. Is it necessary to point out the pun in the title which works as cattle station scene setting and to establish their relationship with their society, implying they may not own the land but noone owns the sky?
    Why paganism, because I was trying to get the idea that he is saying, run into the sky and get your Mum. Simple language more complex thought, hmmm,
    Just excuse me, while I put this link here for my future reference to a piece on being childless at my age.
    and here is last year’s Christmas poem. Interestingly, very different.

  2. I do! haha…

  3. It’s an effective little piece. I didn’t get the ‘running inside the sky’ bit but I did get the idea of the piece before I read the comments.

  4. I do find the sky thingy quite appealing and intriguing , since one can play with interpretations here freely:
    the son of god is from the sky (and all those theories about god as a woman even if not thought as part as the initial poem, are implied)
    the son of the moon – a very neat pagan rite, maybe
    Paul asking the sky for the mother of the child he never had
    and of course the list can go on

    can I get a piece of it? pleeease???pretty please,

  5. Naturally flowing and a pleasure to read again and again.

  6. this is uniquely beautiful, i love the pink and grey visual (music) certainly you do have a fantastic way with imagery put to words that speaks beyond the genre and to the heart of art – maybe thats why so many painters/artists/visual people love your writing, it has that special expanded language magical something instinctually that speaks with color, shading, lines, texture and light source

  7. Wow, she’s a beauty, Paul. Resonates.
    Really well crafted and inspired, like you captured the sky (and much more).
    Did you know that Dec 25th was/is also a sacred day for the druids? Hello again, indeed.

  8. I love the vast slowtumbling caravan, absolutely beautiful image that leads into the rest. Traditionalist, that I am I want to hear Mother instead of mum (not just for the extra beat).

    (Jesus was born in September, roll out the yule log.)

  9. ooooh – i likey the phonetical wordplay, sound tangles and dancing – so lovely my precious! ~cheeky grin~ xxx

  10. You pack a punch in very few words. Nicely done. Love the tone of this poem.

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