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If you think there is a screen in this universe that isn’t a performance and each of them contains a mirror distort thru the languid image above.

Clones,” he says, “are a result of a lack of imagination.”

How precious, why don’t they come back
schlepping hungry bored backwards through his reflection
into the murky lapping shore,
flathead lurk in the mangroves
wishin’ they was golden carp,
but they can’t be seen he thinks
hmm, there is a flicker behind him
the echidna is gone
haha, leaning back
putting his hands over his ample tummy
here she comes,


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  1. Sunset impro, sun and moon dance thingy, well it’s a marvellous night for a moondance,

  2. You have a great imagination!
    Thankyou. I am just thinking that perhaps it isn’t clear that the piece starts with his head underwater kneeling by the pond in his cave?

  3. Is this what Caliban was thinking before he tried to assault Prospero’s daughter?

    Maybe to him, all people seem like clones, after all other people are new to him…
    Maybe it was. Maybe that is who it is he hears coming. Have you seen Sir Ian McKellan as Prospero? Magnificent. I am trying to persuade him to do a podcast/talking book of “The Puzzle Box” but so far no word from his agent. By the way, Crushed, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate being read by someone who doesn’t think of themselves as a poet. It is a rare and precious thing and I thankyou for it.

  4. oooh, i just read bryan borland’s poem “to you who are struggling” and your line

    “Clones,” he says, “are a result of a lack of imagination.”

    reminds of his line:

    intelligent people
    are more adventurous in bed

    if you go here

    you will see what i mean…

    and now to go review caliban…

    who needs grad school? i think i’ve learned more here following the links and thinking about your work than i learned in any of my writing classes (but you already knew that)
    Haha, ‘saw it in a magazine’. This is one of those pieces, Gwendolyn, that new comers here will struggle with, not because it is hard to understand but because it is different from their usual fare. and of course, because everyone in bloggoland reads too fast and is too impatient. Oh well,

  5. Kind of suddenly reminded me of Gollum, and the moment the analogy came, it just strengthened itself with more associations as this prosepoemthingy progressed. Enjoyable!

    Hope you’re doing great. A good day to one and all!
    Cool, a good day to you too my friend. I’m glad someone noticed the Gollum aside.

  6. Oh my goodness, my daughter met Sir Ian McKellen today. I heard his voice in the first part when I read this earlier this morning but didn’t think anything more of it. She wasn’t supposed to meet him but lied her way into the hall, ha! Co-incidence mind crossing fortune telling insignificant wishful thinking synchronicity? Yes, Paul, she met Sir Ian McKellen and he talked to her about acting and being gay (him, not my daughter, although I wouldn’t mind – it would be easier in many respects, eh?). I’m jealous too.

    I didn’t muster a pool to mind but I did muster the sea, so I was close. I hope that she lightens his mood and maybe coaxes a smile soon.
    Ohhhh, I am sooo jealous too. But it’s nice to know someone who knows someone who has met Sir Ian, who is undoubtedly the greatest actor alive today. It goes back to the two schools of acting theory, the method acting of Americans like De Niro versus the self-aware performance acting of the great British tradition. This is very relevant to the schizm in poetry between the poets who cant do performance poetry and who consequently sneer at performance poets and the rest of us who understand that it is all performance.

  7. Poetry was originally a performance art. All poetry was made to be read aloud, contained musicality to entrance and enthrall an audience of nonpoets. These days, because everyone wants to be a poet and because you can’t fake musicality, people take this attitude of sneering at poets who undertand it as a medium of performance. Simply because they want to be poets but they have no music, they take this ridiculously pompous attitude of looking down at people who do and who have a sense of playfulness and joy in the language. And that is one of the main reasons that poetry struggles to find any readership other than other poets. Bringing musicality and performance back to poetry is the only way it will ever regain an audience of non-poets.

  8. And the first sentence in this piece is one of the causes of all my trouble in bloggoland. I contend every single blog on the planet is a type of performance. Anyone who says, “My blog is me,” simply hasn’t thought about the issue. Every writers voice is an artificial construct and everyone ‘tends to’ their blog in order to project an image which cannot possibly reflect everything they are. Hence, every blog is a performance. All art is performance art and poetry has to sing if it is ever to regain an audience of nonpoets. Now, on with the show,

  9. The fact that I can watch myself blogging verifies what you’re saying, Paul…even when I think it’s all just a natural outflowing of “me”.

    All of life is a Performance….All the world is a stage! 🙂

    Not being a poetry buff myself, your references to Caliban are a bit lost on me. But I love the sing song quality and the feeling that the writer had one eyebrow cocked way up when he wrote it 😉
    “The fact that I can watch myself blogging verifies what you’re saying” Brilliant, Grace! And what I said to Crushed applies to you too, I really appreciate the comments and reading of people who aren’t ‘poetry buffs’, it is a genuine joy for me.

  10. whoo hooo you’re on a roll paul must be cuz it’s already friday for you and most of us are still sloggin through thrusday

    your first sentence reminds me of the geographer meinig’s claim a number of years ago that nature is constructed.

    we are all constantly constructing meaning–our own meaning of ourselves as well as the meaning we make out of what surrounds us
    Yes indeedy, all meaning is context dependant and yes indeedy, Fridayayayay,

  11. all smart comments being previously posted, all i can say is:
    it rocks!! (poem + smart comments)
    Cool, you rock too, Ana.

  12. Well said Paul.

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