Oh Michael Bauer,

December 2, 2008 at 6:40 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 28 Comments
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where are you now it’s summer
too hot outside for baldy men
slightly overweight yesteryear
t’was portulant, the word,
almost porcine sweating in
Ezra Pound overcoat
nothing to do but drink weak tea
and watch the dark parade, “Poetry is not
a three-ring circus,” she says, adjusting
the straightlines of her hem.
Where are you Michael Bauer
you should be gracing us with insults
as soft as suede gloves followed
by the gentlest breezes of language
invisible arabesques of thought and
delight in the pure elegance of line,


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  1. Paul Squires,

    As I tried to read into your lines, I had to dig into a web search about who is ‘Micheal Bauer’. I gave up. Who’s he?

    The rest of lines remain cognitively- picturesque and laconically suggestive of humor, wit and sensuousness caught into a camera of stoic humor, leaving the poem as an interesting conundrum of writing-persona.

    Spell Spy
    Hello, thanks for dropping by and thankyou. It really doesn’t matter who Michael is, I was merely drawing a quick portrait of the legend of the Bauer. Hopefully the poem gives some idea. Hello,

  2. that’sa eerily accurate portrait of bauer—who was a skilled fine art photography…

    try searching for him on you tube. or at the beach. or in a coffee shop. he’ll be found when he’s ready.

    i will forward this link to those who may know…
    Gwendolyn! Look below! Yayaya,

  3. portulant is a very excellent word. I’m sure he’s around, enjoying the enigma surrounding him and equally annoyed by it. Hmmm, it made me quite nostalgic for the olden days, ha! Lovely change in feelings, pictures in this poem, Paul. Great contrasts perfectly placed.
    Thankyou, Narnie, I was torn between portulant and corpulant, but the ‘p’ word fit the line a little better, I thought. Oh and yes, contrast is what it is all about. The first man is hot and the relaxed elegance of Bauer blows ‘the gentlest breezes of language’ that was a happy accident. They are my favourite things in poetry when somewhere below the conscious decision making mind something else is at work.

  4. I like the penultimate line.

    Kind of had me pondering.

    An Arabesque of thought…
    Thanks, Crushed.

  5. this is crap, no wonder u don’t know where michael is. This site reeks of shmooze-fest. I can smell it through my iPhone. Reminds me of sixteen years olds wearing mommys highheels, just wobbling on the biggirl vocabulary. Gotta learn how to walk in tennies first.

    KURT! Hello, I don’t think we’ve met before but I know you by reputation, a friend of Mr Bauer. I’m afraid your insults don’t nearly make the grade being as obviously ill-informed as they are and a little juvenile but then you are, young, aren’t you. How I miss Michael’s graceful putdowns which always accorded with a well thought aesthetic and were backed up by some extraodrinary poetry. Where’s your work, Kurt? You may insult me when you have presented some evidence that you have the qualifications to do so. Hahaha, hello,

  6. so how many rings in the poetry circus then?

    I like the thought of hot summer, here its -10 and icy
    At the moment the whole thing is one big circus, Juliet, dada diddle diddle dum dum dada, haha. It 7.00am and hot already. It will be naked blogging time if it gets any hotter. Return of Naked Hairy Man possibly? Now where’s my top hat?

  7. it is a cheezy poem and if i can cause this kind of writing then i ought to be called on it. obviously, my programme of neptunian aesthetics have failed. “michael bauer is under our control now. he will surely destroy your haircut consciousness” did not.

    but, it really isn’t a poem, you know. just a kind of verse within lines, and doesn’t capture anything of how i write. i can’t think of anything more that a poem about someone could do except become that person. anything else is just gossip.
    Haha, there he is! Thankyou, Michael, I agree entirely. (What’s the difference between ‘a poem’ and ‘a verse within lines’?) I’m so glad to hear from you again. Wanna hug?

  8. wow! we finally smoked out kurt and michael bauer!

    most of blogland is a smoozzzefest…folks trying to be nice to each other. except when they’re trying to be mean

    do you realize gingaPaul that you quit blogging yesterday and here have this whatever it is with a poem about michael bauer and when you started back in ancient times your began by quoting michael bauer?

    the world goes around and around and sometimes we are upside down
    I didn’t, but you’re right. Round and round the circus ring balancing on the backs of elegant white horses,

  9. yeah, smoked us out, now here we are, all red eyed and pissed, like a coupla stubborn injuns (smiley emoticon)…and what is age to you, Mr Squires? if i summoned Rimbaud, he pulled his blahblah out and blahblah on your chapbook, would you say “ah, i was young once…”?

    just playin,
    playin’ a very loud and annoying instrument quite badly, Kurt. Perhaps you’ld prefer not embarass yourself in public further? Rimbaud stopped writing at nineteen, we can only hope you continue to follow his example.

  10. Come, come CHILDREN! Let’s have no more of this insipid banter. Paul, quit poking the little pink people! lol And Ezra Pound! Did he wear an overcoat? Well, perhaps one too many people pissed down his back trying to tell him it was raining. Cool stuff but these comments are hilarious.
    Haha, I can’t help it, F.G., the poking of the little pink people, it’s genetic. We are having a poetry circus, woohoo,

  11. Went and tried to talk to Narnie but she is in hiding or cognito or both although I can’t blame her much. I miss you guys at all the old watering holes. I was just chatting with Rod McKuen trying to convince him that Richard Kostalanetz was not a bad fellow ( and having very little luck) and just thought I’d drop by. Where do these people come from?
    Narnie is around but she has comments turned off. Her podcast is fantastic and her book is being released next week! I don’t know where they come from but they make for a great party, Fabian. Any of that Georgia moonshine left?

  12. ‘verse’ is a collection of phrase-facts linked because they’re in the same line, on the same page. they’re a utility kind of thing, a transaction between the author and the reader evoking ‘didn’t i tell you??’ the internal linkings of rhyme and rhythm make the words in a verse friendly to each other. when the words aren’t friendly to each other the verse turns into aphorism, “smart sayings”, and dies.

    a poem invents its own grammar.
    Ahh well, you were always the master of the stipulative definition, Michael. “A poem invents its own grammar,” is a very cool aphorism.

  13. Some of your imagery just captivates me – ‘Ezra Pound overcoat’ really is a standout. Brilliant!
    Thanks, Selma. We just had a huge thunderstorm. How is it down your way?

  14. dada diddle diddle dum dum dada….feeling dizzy but cant leave the tent:)
    Uh oh. You best step out into the moonlight for a moment, Sherifa,

  15. Hiya Paul. I do believe that my lack of understanding of blog-landian history and culture has disqualified me from offering anything other than a gesture of respect. I am watching and listening with interest. I get the sense that I may be learning something here, and that is what has always kept me coming back. Cheers.
    Cheers, Brad. I hope someone is learning something. I can’t imagine what that might be, haha, it’s all just good clean fun fun for me.

  16. (‘scuse me Paul… Hello Fabian *waves and blows a kiss* muah*)

  17. Stop eating buscuits in front of the puppies, it’s teasing. (((You)))

  18. Rule number one, comments are always editable and deletable by whoever controls the space. I accept that in other people’s space and I assert that right here, like it or not. I like comments but if they just detract from the actual work, I might fiddle with them.

  19. I like comments to be edible. If you can do other stuff with them, all the better. I am following a link trail here I suspect may end in complete and utter madness. I like it when comments are delectable …
    Hello, Jen. Always good to see another Aussie about the place. We are as rare as hen’s teeth and that has always been part of my problem in bloggoland. They do struggle with our sense of humour.

  20. looks like you took my last comment off all together. i simply was asking you to explain how ‘subjective’ transfers to the object, when in fact it’s the subject and the subject’s limitations which define ‘subjectivity.

  21. i see you took my comment on kurt down too. that’s just not smart.

  22. in my own forum, ‘poetry and poet’, the rule is that any comment is sovereign. the point of my forum is to understand writing though, and not to make myself likable.
    There is nothing but adverts under this link, Mike. No forum, nothing. If I don’t retain the right to edit and delete comments the whole place just fills up with offtopic babble and spam. I deleted your comment about Kurt because it has nothing whatsoever to do with the poem above and was just an advertisement for his writing, which I wouldn’t have minded if it had contained a link to his writing so we could all go and scribble toilet door graffiti over it like he did to mine. I don’t mind criticism of my work at all and it’s a joke accusing me of trying to be well-liked, Mike. I am one of the most disliked people in bloggoland, ask any of the people who’ve been around a while. But the criticism has to be meaningful, like yours was and has to based on some experience of what’s going on like yours was, not just attacking me because that’s his attitude or image. He’s just image mongering without the work in public to back it up. Like I say, you are free to come here and criticise my work and have your say on poetics or aesthetics, whatever and so is he. I enjoy a good scrap, being a threelegged dog, but just scribbling on it for posing’s sake will get deleted.

  23. i agree with jen–comments should be edible and delectable

    (btw, there’s a blog called delectable jen)

    and the person who runs the blog gets to eat any and all comments, edible and delectable alike

    but ooh, paul, now i really wonder what was said and is now being digested and how it’s going down cuz i wanted a taste, winepredator that i am i know that there’s gotta be a spit bucket around here someplace

  24. michael, i can’t figure out where your forum is. i’d love to go check it out.

  25. http://poetryandpoet.lefora.com/forum/

    G. — ask to join and i’ll open it to you.

    paul, what i wrote to you was the most serious and on topic comment you’ll ever get here. the topic is ‘poetry’. i gave you a phoenix and you killed it for a feather. that makes me very depressed.
    Well, I don’t think he’s dead, Mike, so cheer up,

  26. i’d say that being transformed into a back scratchier isn’t the phoenix ideal. 🙂

  27. glad i stopped by…

  28. If you are looking for extraordinary American contemporary poets. An absolute legend who lived a poet’s life because he was one and who understood passion and language, you can see him read his “Quartet” here in my vodsight thingy and if you see Michael Bauer anywhere say hello,

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