As I Was Saying To Andrew,

November 11, 2008 at 6:19 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 17 Comments
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what am i expected to do
a leap of faith is inevitable
if we wait for proof and certainty
we wait for all eternity

being as we are just human

we may conclude when graced
by sudden summer squalls
we should all shout,
man overboard,


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  1. Being just human I don’t understand this one, but I think it means we should all look after each other, sounds good!

  2. Helped on his way with a swig of rum for dutch courage, perhaps? Leaps of faith… would we ever take them without encouragement and would the whispers urging us to ‘jump, jump’ be friend or foe, or people too scared to grab their own balls? Hmmm,

    lots of rhyme, lots of momentum to the splash, hey ho on we go.

  3. i reached from Art and Poetry’s blog.
    Something in the title struck a chord —

    Good one, agree cent percent..:-)


  4. Hello, Devika. Thankyou Narnie. Art and Poetry, thankyou. I just wanted to say I edited the line breaks and did a few little tweaks, I think it’s better now.

  5. NO one says it like you do..NO ONE.

  6. Forget the waiting – I want to leap. I NEED to leap!

  7. The only thing we can be certain about is that the world is, indeed, filled with uncertainty.

    We must all “leap away …”

  8. yes we expect you to take that leap of faith

    you can swim can’t you?

    we’ll pull you out lickety-split, won’t we?

    all together now!

  9. stunning, to me this poem speaks of freedom realized in the flow of experience and opportunity
    by simple choice broadening perspective (tao)

  10. Sometimes the boat that we leave behind is heading down a waterfall; man overboard sounds better, as long as it was a personal choice, this leap of faith. Without faith we cannot even drink water; and faith doesn’t have to be blind.

    I am really sorry I couldn’t submit for that music-photograph-link-thingy you had mailed me for. I have been quite busy, many drastic changes in my life; in the process of initiating a grassroots level global movement for change. I hope you’ll be a part of it if it survives the delivery room turbulences…

  11. particularly excellent poem, these kinds are my favorite

  12. I like the last stanza especially — “we may conclude when graced / by sudden summer squalls” is beautiful.

  13. I beg to differ-I say shout Geronimo and quickly try to grow some gills, but that’s just me. Beautiful Poem BTW

  14. OH how I’m like a child opening gifts on Christmas morning! Thank you so much for your comment at my site – and thank you even more for leading me here. What a vibrant community it seems you’ve created! I can’t wait to swim into your work.

  15. The eternal paradox, I guess.

    Do we wit for eternity or do we leap blindly into the unknown?

  16. Very thoughtful and precise.

  17. NICE :)!! Faith is the need of the moment

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