Hating Walt Disney (1)

November 2, 2008 at 9:23 am | Posted in writing | 13 Comments
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There was a time when societies were held together by mutually agreed mythodologies. Because the whole is more than the sum of its parts, a surplus was created. A harvest, enough through cooperation and hard work and open sharing of experience gained, hidden in the common mythodology, to last through winter. Let’s have a party.

Then certain mutations in the evolution of thought, ones who had some drive to conquer and control and they would off and explore and find something unknown, unnamed, new territory to claim. They had a purpose and were usually under the control of very strong women.

Then suddenly they bumped into each other at the border between some desert and some mountain range and everything was owned that could be. I hate Walt Disney. He took the fundamental myths which held our world together and turned them into advertisements for the basest kind of empty consumption, you feed this to your children and their minds will be distorted. It is an evil magic they weave. What shall we do now all these mutant beings have gained control of everything?


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  1. The chorus, Lysistrata,

  2. That’s one helluva monster you are taking on, Paul. I’ll start preparing the popcorn.

  3. what shall we do?

    turn off the television, etc

    sing silly songs and create our own dances

    hand out paper and crayons and pens and make our own hats

    read to each other all kinds of stories from the clouds and our real astrology by rob brezney

    make hot fudge sauce for blind strawberry dipping and feed each other

    plan to go to burning man together

    how does that sound for starters?

    all much more productive than hating uncle walt. it’s not him the man as much as it’s the mouse the corporate entity that’s taken over manipulating the minds don’t you think? or do you really have it out for the man himself? he’s dead by the way.

  4. Hmmmm, to argue or not to argue, that is the question. Consumerism is led by the consumer. As in all things it is up to the individual to provide a balance in beliefs and an understanding of what brainwashing techniques are at hand. Consumers are decidedly fickle (love that word) and easily manipulated but I am constantly astonished about how savvy children especially become to being force fed someone else’s ideals. The current Disney trend is to have virgins preaching morals. They wear rings that promise they will not have sex before marriage. I discussed this with all my kids a few weeks ago and they categorically rejected the idea. Not because they’re all bonking a-merry behind the bike sheds but because they have been brought up to think for themselves and reject categorically any kind of enforced morality. Morality comes from the heart and the conscience, say I. But they love watching Disney. And that’s fine.

    But if you transfer that thought to the first part of your piece, think about what the Christians did to Paganism! They stole the festivals, dressed them up in their own clothes and then claimed it as their own. There is perhaps no festival where this applies more than Halloween. The scare-mongering and lies that continue to this day with regard to the basis of what was the foundation of all our communities is, quite frankly, criminal. Politicians wouldn’t get away with such lies but priests do.

    I take your thoughts on Disney and I raise you a Mickey Mouse, haha…

  5. fantasia on acid or something. WD was a brilliant businessman and an artist with imagination extraordinary for his time but hey good displace hate why not on disney? at least you gotta think about it and cartoon characters are resilient buggers.

  6. it’s a nightmare, how everyone’s potential uniqueness/innate cosmic identity as One, is twisted and destroyed …

    i don’t know how that happens but corporate greed, which is just human greed with a bank balance for a Suit, can’t win; good/evil’s in each of us and since only a few own all the material wealth, that leaves the rest of us in the majority?

    more important, as Mary says, to do as much as we can to revive the art of thinking for Self no matter how old/young …

    well, that’s as close as i can get to thought amid huuuuge sssneeeezez today …

    naive and simple, maybe, but overcomplication trips itself up every Time …

  7. a tale as old as time, a song as old as rhyme…

    haha, as usual I agree, such a perceptive and finely-dressed man as you are, however the devil on my other shoulder may have to write a counter-piece. And I should take Sylvia Plath back slightly, too, while I’m at it 😉

    quel différence,

    oh well we all still love you even if you have taken our lullabies, that were soothing and innocent before, and shall never be again.

    MIYAZAKI! All hail Hayao Miyazaki, who seems to preserve the spirit and importance of his country’s folk-culture.

    “can you feel the love tonight?”

  8. And the worst thing of all, which is why I never exposed my children to any Disney, is that he killed off all the mothers and the stepmothers were wicked. And people were fooled into believing this was for children. Vile, vile man.

  9. I don’t reckon they should be forgiven just for being dead. There’s no peace without justice. Not while I’m around. The question really is what to do with me? If I am to be a painter of rockart, I’ll need a spangley white suit and Bootsy Collins sunglasses and a helicopter, oh well. The good old days of Rock ‘n Roll are over. Let’s move onto 1977…

  10. what shall we do? I vote in favour of all of artpredator’s suggestions. They’re wonderful…

  11. I’m a fence sitter, as usual … agreeing with both sides. I’ll take a little of this … a little of that … a little of Paul … and little of Mary P.

    And what the hell … I’ll start my own religion. Yep … that’s me in the corner … that’s me in the spotlight …

  12. there is no justice in the fetid remains fo the day
    Walt was just a heroin addict with delusions of grandure who only wanted to subvert the mythos into a clean fun family environment
    of course it turned into the factory
    anything in this world that can turn a head can and will be used to subvert, control, and otherwise pilfer
    may as well rail against sex

  13. thanks Peter! as Batman says, now we are two!

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