Alright, sit down.

October 30, 2008 at 7:13 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 12 Comments

Squires, said the old man with the hat on. Shut up son, this ain’t no ballet lesson. First of all the pain has a purpose, it’s there to drive you away from something that isn’t good for you. And if ever you should crave bananas that is a lack of potassium, it is not a sign of your inner monkiness.
That’s monkey-ness, Squires,
not monk-i-ness
and definitely not remotely
Thelonius’ dance,

you have to take your lessons where you find them
cos the world in here ain’t like the world down there
where you come from, blown in on some ancient mariners
song, he said putting his glass down on the piano,

if you don’t play something sweet and sad
i’m gonna break your knuckles, son.


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  1. perhaps its my inner monkeyness (or whatever) that is deficient in potassium
    how about “wildefire”, that is sweet and sad if not sophomoric and melodramatic

  2. “You have to take your lessons where you find them …”

    And sometimes run like hell from them when they’re trying to chase you down.

  3. oh terrific ending. it’s all monk-ey business anyway.

  4. oh this one made me smile, excellent.

  5. “…the pain has a purpose, it’s there to drive you away from something that isn’t good for you.” A hard lesson for all to learn!

  6. isn’t that the truth, ruth

    the last stanza is a scorcher

  7. i’m liking these…semi-bio-giraffe-icult pieces, if its not outta line to call them such. Squires is a rivetting character in these scenes of slight interrogation.

    and bananas. why not. they play a large role in my recommended five-portions a day of fruit and veg. nice to see them immortalised in literature. of all the fruits, it seems to me that the banana is the most at risk of being marginalised, misrepresented, ridiculed, or just plain neglected so well done. 🙂

  8. with this squires you sir have achieved a certain level of monkhood, he said as nirvana was attained,

  9. This is great fun!

  10. Painting a scene with clever words… very nice.

  11. as usual amazed and confounded!

  12. pain has a purpose? Bittersweet indeed… oh well. This flies, Paul. Lovely.

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