you are a hypocrite,

October 28, 2008 at 6:12 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 9 Comments
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Squires, what’s with all the smoke and mirrors.
Put your money on the table like the rest of us
you drunken bum. Tearing up the losing ticket,
this is the end of your lucky run
and out of the bible the gun appeared.

A puff of smoke, a rum, sit down old man,
for goodness sake the point is yet to come.

Everyone’s a winner, it’s a straight up guarantee cos
the value of these goods is not made by me he says
(a not so subtle highhat shuffle)
but always by the buyer, haha, bye bye tata,


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  1. Nice! good rhyming words within the lines.

  2. Why thankyou. I really wanted to call this Charlie Chaplin Riff,
    or, an accidental exu,

  3. The value is always determined by the buyer, indeed!

    And me standing here with money … with nobody selling 🙂

  4. you are a hello a hello
    by value of the maker
    really fun gingatao eyeopener experience

  5. quite an invoking sound this piece. i like this one a lot PaulS.

  6. Smoke and mirrors have their place, most certainly. Hypocrisy has its place too when it is an evolution of an idea which has to be considered, discussed and tested but if there no validity in it then being rejected… or are we forever to be branded hypocrites? I once had a terribly heated argument with someone on the subject of hypocrisy, we agreed to disagree which is always a little boring, ha! I like the rhythm, I like the sounds, I like the subtle shifts in emphasis, (I adore the brackets as an aside) and the clear slick voice. Fabulous.

  7. this is awesome, paul. honestly.

  8. damn, love that last line
    I’m figuring it was meant as I read it as it is way friggin clever

  9. This is speaking to me about the mirrored beauty of poems like your “Yellow Dress” painted with such a large, dry brush that you might doubt its beauty. It would indeed be hypocrisy to accept kudos by claiming to have meant every story that arises in readers’ minds. But in spite of the buyer’s (reader’s) valuations, the fact that a story does so wonderfully arise within them makes the written mist the greater value — better grooming through better mirrors. Your reflective clarity is your money on the table. Beautiful, Paul.

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