Football and Nabokov

October 24, 2008 at 8:12 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 8 Comments
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a game of football (played with the feet)
is won in a fundamental harmonic in which
the movement of the ball is in contrast to
that of the players if you catch it
you should pass it,
he limps back to the bench and sits
watches much younger men run run
run with the ball then get buried.
haha bring me more beer,

the ball will fly over the fence eventually to
the feet of the old crone who with claws cast
cackles whilst cauldrons boil it belongs
to me now she says with painted nails
on each one a different animal embroidered

loops into the top corner cos there’s a lot
more at stake here, you fancy spoiled brats.
we don’t pay you to pose and dive in front
of 60,000 fans and billions on tv, son,
trust me, without making it worth your while,

I’ll tell you something Nabokov knows
civilisation is a suit of clothes,


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  1. Now here is where you can help me out. This is the link to Vladamir Nabokov’s Wiki. Given that any reference you don’t know you can highlight with mouse and search yourself, do I need to provide these links?

  2. Lol. What is it about? That comma, alone at the end… I’m looking forward reading what Nobokov told you, though I could have an idea…
    Rich, and very well written.
    Thank you dear.

  3. marvelous writing wicked cool insight masterfully
    done and football looks different now too

  4. sorry, but I could not help myself:

    Arnold said. She pulls out her cell phone
    to call her friend I think we should
    remove that mirror in the hall,

    Last night he mixed the wine with beer
    again he raved celeb’spirits speak to him
    next time I am afraid he’ll dream
    he has a talk with Nasreddin and
    deep those new clothes I bought in his meal.

    not as good as the original though. the original made it worthwile ( the image of the old crone is smart, and yes she’ll bring you to tears and she could leave you with no soul)…

  5. Yes but while there is a ball it is easy to misjudge the force with which you kick… a swift wallop may get you a goal but it will also risk a hit on the crossbar, resulting in a panic and, therefore, mistakes. (Don’t blame me, haha, you made the metaphor.)
    Not all civilisation is a suit of clothes… not all. The hope comes with those that reject such constraints for a truth rather than a challenge.

  6. Ah … and what about the game of football that is played with the hands? (says the damn American)


  7. i have spent all weekend thinking about nabokov and his synesthesia…

    just wanted you to know

  8. thahnk thahnkyou, i want to suck your blood, all of you, thankyou, a great big bow and disappears behind his cape, hahahahahahaha

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