Horrible dreams at warp speed.

October 23, 2008 at 6:49 pm | Posted in writing | 10 Comments
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After effect of the Morrison-Huxley Effect but regains his land legs quicker these days. One of my fondest memories from childhood was H R Puffenstuff which makes me wonder how these things work out so perfect since I work in H R and I smoke a lot.

Shedding some awful suit, many times I’ve said that this is never about me. I am a relatively normal bloke average human type of quite normal tastes, ahem, he coughs again. The nurse is from South America. She is in her early forties and a refugee from El Salvador, forced into exile by the inhuman workings of a multinational machine and the CIA since she had a gift for languages and had been in the company of many dying young men possessed of secrets they needed to confess.

It wouldn’t be true to say I love her but when I watch her walking away from this cold bed, I certainly remember having been in love.


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  1. The time trick as she walks away and he is transported back to when he was in love is a wonderful ending to this. Puffenstuff though? No wonder you grew up with a warped sense of humour and a tendency to dance inappropriately. Crystal Tips and Alastair… now there was a girl who knew how to party. I love that thought about the nurse and her story. Very clever (as you know, haha).

  2. No access to youtube here so I could not see the childhood memories but I like this piece…you took me far away, thank you…

  3. brilliant again, the link too and for some reason i sense it like a movie made from a classic leatherbound storybook
    tale- it’s a diamond compressed like humphrey bogarts/ingrid bergmans goodbye in casablanca
    its only a minute but lasts forever kind of thing
    quite beautiful

  4. “HR Puffinstuff HR Puffinstuff you can’t get a little and you can’t get enough”

    or was it you can get a little and you can get enough?

    i remember watching that show before my parents got rid of our tv. it was on sunday mornings before church and we could watch it if we were all ready to go.

    i love this character, every time we return to him. he is so real to me, so human.

    quite the quick portrait of the nurse, a whole life in so few words

    the last sentence is poignant, beautiful piece paul

  5. so , the philipino nurse is not the one that gave him water
    …but there is a deja vu, the nurse walking away…

    I like how you repeat HR , it gives the sense of non-linearity (when I read it first i had the impression that oh i just read that. Obviously, I just read that in the name…plus the link was tricky too,’cause I had to stop, watch the video for a few seconds and than return so enough time has lapsed between the first and second read…)…

  6. ok, brought my son by. thought he would appreciate yr rich way of writing… he approves…deeply…:P

  7. Yes. “He’s your friend when things get tough!”
    “Average”, eh? Gimme a break. Like your dying young men, you’ve said too much to crawl back into the obscurity of any confessed averageness.
    Your mission if you chose to accept it…
    This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds…

  8. that last sentence… dolente, dolente, dolce.

  9. Me thinks that relative normality is all relative … nothing is absolute, except the absolute genius of Squires?

  10. know the feeling.

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