Puff Piece.

October 22, 2008 at 6:12 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 10 Comments
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Puff P Diddly daddy Sean Coombes riff.
You gotta be kidding me. If I pimp my piece
one more time in public just take me out
the back and shoot me, Bootsy.

Must i say he says again and insert some
sly comma? ten minutes,
well we are gonna need a handjive
let me get this tissue and wipe away this tattoo

and here a green silk dress, wait what’s this
and golden jewellery too,


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  1. Magnificences!?


    (love the p’s in the first… fabulous)
    fabulous, I opted for the more discrete punctuation, Mary seeing as how the words themselves were so indiscrete.

  2. Running tackle HUG!!!!! gotta watch out for the sly commas, hanger-ons just looking to insert themselves everywhere for appearance sake… 😛
    Tackle roll roll, woohoo. Did you see yourself on my new About Me page Lakota?

  3. p diddy ha ha hes so cool for this way cool poem ps ginga

  4. d3lici0usly rhythm1c
    enigmatic tatoo.
    ~ something about snapping fingers and clicking tongues.
    Taboo tattoo, there is something about snapping fingers and clicking tongues that causes a swell of emotion, Ebby, haha.

  5. sorry i meant Ginga T
    changed my name again he says bouncing out of the greenroom well the daddy the diddy the dude the dada diddy dance marathon music muscleman magnificences in motion
    Puff puppy ginga T, says put your hands in the air and one two, woohoo,
    you are too cool, Tipota.

  6. I’ve contemplated getting a tat, but was never quite sure where to put it. Do you think Brenda suits me?

  7. Green dress, yellow dress..are we obsessing about dressing?

  8. the subtly of puffy p explodes in hilarity yr hohohighness…(argh) the no 1 son comments.. i told em yr a patchless pirate of dingdongs… now ya know matey we laugh in lunacy…(swarshbuckles)…burrphing beatniks… ok, ok we’ll stop…(hackling laughter)…slows to a simmering snicker…snooozzzzz…

  9. so of course after a study of “o” comes “p”

    and “o” is so round yet “p” is all puf-fy and bubblye isn’t it

    hmmn what will you do with Q?

  10. lyrically cool.

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