soundtrack – “scarey monsters” misspelt by David Bowie

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the limo pulls up in the pouring rain
a cliched crack of thunder
and she uncrosses her long legs
clad in jeans so tight you
can sense the swing in her
the rest of her dressed in scent
nobody noticed, don’t move Mamu
she said,

i prayed to the Lord the man
in the gun grey suit let it rain let it rain

he says and hangs up the mobile phone,
come in…

three cards waltz he coulda called it
zeus but then you would have seen it come
in my dear, sings best when blessed in


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  1. For those of you with way too much time to waste and short memories, the original and far superior version with actual music is on top of the vodpod charts.
    Superior because he wrote, “She asked for my love but I gave her a dangerous mind.” So he highlights the element of seduction in the two way flow of power, cool.
    as sung by Ella Fitzgerald, that would be nice too,

  2. the song made me feel like undoing my ponytale and lighting a cigarette:)
    and the writing made me more curious about your book…
    Oh no, now I am encouraging smoking along with all my other bad habits, haha, sorry Sherifa,

  3. love and mind hardly go hand in hand. they’re more exclusively dangerous than drinking and driving I believe.
    …sings best when blessed in sin… amazing!

    The lightning is clichéd indeed when read, perhaps because of the extremely pathetic fallacies; but I still find something grand and amazing about it if it is heard in person after a long and spaced out time.
    Haha, I got caught in a huge tropical thunderstorm yesterday, Sumedh and there is no words can come close to echoing the sound of the sky cracking open right over your head. Oh, congratulations too, I see another Indian writer, Aravind Adiga, won the Booker prize this year. That’s four altogether I think.

  4. hello paul… what a wonderful little dittee… sorta lost in the tale and the song… bowie is an all time fav… is it the movement inbetween or the sound of the rain, maybe the gun gray suit or a fav mamu.. but then there was that sings best when blessed in sin maybe it was zeus and god… possibly too early in the morning i cannot think with much depth.. came by to say thanks for the comments, havent felt much like writing… always so encouraging across the waters…
    Hellooo Ms Pie. Great to see you back again and your poetry is still sensual and moving and deep.

  5. Now I feel like dancing…:)
    Woohoo, my queen. Let’s dance, 1 2 3 dip, yayay the dip is my favourite part.

  6. I was in Wembley Stadium at the Phoenix gig when Bowie dropped to his knees and said the Lord’s Prayer. It was the most embarrassing moment in pop history, haha.
    This poem is light and cheeky but there is the dark undertone which is prevalent in most of Bowie’s work. Art, Music, Poetry, Literature… it shows how much we are of the same bow as we play. A fantastic poem, Paul, which really captures the essence of the mood.
    Thankyou Mary. Almost as embarassing as his version of Little Drummer Boy with Bing Crosby, I’ld imagine.

  7. it seems like every line changes direction on the reader– expected unexpected, discombobulating

  8. that’s a compliment, btw, because that control is very powerful, and control of power is at issue here

  9. oh, and i forgot to mention i can smell her perfume. right now. it’s a strong scent, not unpleasant, not floral, nothing i would choose, perfect for her,
    Hmm control of power indeed. That is amazing because I know you mean that literally, Gwendolyn.

  10. i would say something here but i learned a long time ago it is better to be silent have folks suspect i’m an idiot than speak and prove the point
    gave it away
    Haha, Ozy, if we are having an ironic comment battle, you win,

  11. 1982…memories of being parked on a secluded dirt road with a dark-haired girl, a bottle of dad’s blended and aged Scotch whisky, and some blonde hashish…and Scary Monsters playing on an old tape deck…

    thanks for the trip back in time… this one is vibrant and leaves me with a very pleasant contact high..
    Ha! that is beautiful, Chico. Is it the function of art? The contact high, or just a pleasant side effect?

  12. love that first stanza.

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