I have schmoozed and now there will be no flirting.

October 9, 2008 at 7:48 pm | Posted in prosepoemthingy, writing | 16 Comments
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Because it is Friday night and it is a small price for you to pay to be silent and not to require reassurance, I will assume I do not need to convince you to trust me and that you will simply allow me something I want. To assert, to claim and to leave the proudest of proclamations that you, exquisite jewel and miracle of desire have given yourself to me, in the arch of your spine, in the presentation of your throat, in your active and insistent absorption of me and it is your desire for this mark that has graced me with this momentary and convulsive divinity.


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  1. I think this is quite wonderful flirting, despite your title. I think that this is a note that any woman would like to keep tucked under her pillow, you old schmooze you. Keep it up, 😉
    I’ll try, thankyou, Mary.

  2. it is a price too great
    oh, you weren’t talking to me
    Well actually, Ozy,

  3. Oooo … I suddenly am feeling this tingly sensation …
    Ooo, they are contagious those feelings,

  4. Effective! I need a cold shower.
    Haha, I’m not surprised Wayne, kissing such a gracious and beautiful lady,

  5. hmmm…

  6. all of that and in only 2 sentences full of rolling rhythms…magnificently controlled and controlling

    is it “I have schmoozed and now there will be no flirting” “Beside You” or is it the other way around?
    I’m not sure Gwendolyn, but time is not linear so it could be either,

  7. oh……*smiles yet slightly overaware of the avatars*

    female you see, so the poet sees beauty and the female feels fear and lonliness. not.erotica in my reading more animal, more a seconds~glimpse into the mind of the other land, the one so alien and male, so untouchable. This writing is beautiful, sinister, honest beyond compare, sensibility provoking, more

    I will read this again and again and voiced and sung and whispered.

  8. oh wow … this is more than double edged .. it’s yin/yang in its beauty of assert/surrender … plus the whole romantic movement .. *ahem* .. take that as you like … lol … and yes, and yet,

    that sinister overtone of Friday night and “i want” …. echoes of alleged lovebites (oxymoronicthingy?) that are usually, more truthfully, territory markers …

    between soulmates, true Lovers, all this is Pure .. unleashed, as it is, so often in the wrong hands/minds … aarrgghh!

    which makes this piece terrifyingly wonderful … provocative for sure …

    i kind of feel a wheat and chaff thing going on in the way you’ve written this which is very, very genius …

    or am i being bitter and twisted? LOL

    *eyeing fridge magnet, the one that says “if all your friends seem ok then you’re the problem” … ohhh look .. it’s pointing moi-ward *grin
    Haha, round here Shell, everyone is wierd, you fit in perfectly. And your comments are always wonderfully fantastical.

  9. faye wray might escape animal gentility like a song but would likely never settle down outside a king kong hairy hand because a beastly bellow is so grand
    I am a large slow hairy monobrained creature and you are incredible, Tipota. Woohooo *thumping chest*

  10. Without worship no Divinity, without giving no recieving, the dualities that play everyday. Sensual yet not blatant, Subtly beautiful…

    I had pictures of Greek god Scuptures(and their various exploits) that I never stood before, pass through my mind…”Ah! so thats when we feel we are Gods.”
    Thankyou, that is a very cool comment,

  11. convulsive divinity, oh my god. i agree with shell, quit provacative. these last few feel very raw in that sense. glad to be back Paul S.
    Yes, Mrs Ott, I have been trying to get to simpler rawer emotions, more the way things do feel than the way we wish they were. Passion as primitive.

  12. Where’s my pillow? :>)
    Your text is marvelous. Flowing like something I’ll not reveal the name…
    Oh I am intrigued, flowing like a…

  13. Question: If both decided to be silent, would there be an equally erotic poem, with two nonverbal messages?
    Well, I imagine if both were silent there would be no poem words only poem actions. Hello, again, Ms Squirrel,

  14. familiar. wonderful.
    Why thankyou. That is very sweet coming from a Jezebel. What a pity there is no link.

  15. That vaguely familiar feeling, just call it flirting. And let your soul do the rest of the talking….

  16. Hmmmm….

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