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she’s ramshackle, lads but she floats haha,
pass us all ye shirts for sails, oi, you don’t look too boyish
there, yes you the cheeky one.

c’mere, you ain’t no cabin
boy, still
there’s only us survivors, so you’ll do
climb up that mast
the tallest one
and hang our flag there too.


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  1. Reminded of Pirates of the Carribean

  2. i like the wind here

  3. Thr Rhime of the Ancient Mariner aboard the Good ship Venus…

  4. perfect! i wrote a skeleton pirate poem today with 3 boys: 4, 5 & 6 year old…

    i like how it feels as if you’ve stepped on to the ship right in the middle of something and who knows where the ship will sail but it’s exciting times, isn’t it?

  5. Carry On Cap’n. The tallest mast, eh? But of course, heheh.

    Ramshackle has evolved from the word ransack so it’s particularly apt for pirates, clever you.

  6. Me likes it matey!!! : )
    made me wanna sing and dance like the pirates of penzance!!!

  7. The journey itself
    a means to an end

    and in the end
    what we mean
    is exactly
    what we say

    from so high up
    a flag looks like
    a note from
    my bluest

    sailing on
    flying on
    toward the sun
    as it drowns in the west

  8. I’m back home Paul.

    And i’m glad to see your art is still as excellent as ever


  9. haha, cool. I think the only way I can do this is like this. I really appreciate the comments, everyone. You know it, I know it but I really need to focus on what I’m doing too. So one two three, “The Cabin Boy’s name was Nipper,

  10. i didn’t know that mary p–the connection between ramshackle and ransack—very cool!

  11. Is there a pirate yonder?

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