By a rushing stream a soldier knelt.

September 17, 2008 at 6:31 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 30 Comments
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Cannot begin to imagine the end of
delight in you and the strangeness of touch
tasting enough or divining some final
truth of you or beginning to wish your eyes
your lips, your lips your eyes, desire
in movement away my dear appearing nearer
to thee when my mind declines my
blood descends a kiss not this nor here but
where there is no end of you some
river runs some planet dips a swoop of fish
a clasp of song a longing belonging
to you becoming yours by some squeezing
force an opening call unheard before
imagine no end to beginning again waking
you with a kiss just this not here nor
there but whisper this in your ear my dear
i love you,


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  1. Nice one good wording!

  2. and his words flow with the water beside him. Absolutely beautiful and considering how little we see the ‘l’ word in your writing, it is especially romantic. Exquisite poem, Paul… my new favourite.

  3. ohhhhhh …. *deep sigh*

    if ever i un-melt i’ll say something … really, i will …

  4. “my
    blood descends a kiss not this nor here but
    where there is no end of you”

    Just this thought is enough….

  5. This is beautifully written, Paul. I felt as though I was taken into stride with the rhythm, and the images are wonderfully crisp. I tip my hat.

  6. WOW, what a breathless read

  7. another sigh.. a continuation of “… i am or was i (2)”.. magical mystery of love entwined in words and whispers… do i hear waves crashes just outside the window… just keep writing.. sigh…

  8. So worth the wait love…:)

    This is my most favorite line-

    river runs some planet dips a swoop of fish

  9. it’s getting better and better…

    I am happy for that soldier who found his stream -nothing better than cool, fresh water to quench one’s first.

  10. Exquisite line breaks-cascading effect, wonderful title.


  11. the sounds tumble on the rocks the tongue the images the mind

    it makes the blood beat in time

  12. what a beautiful piece, gingatao so songlike and essentially expressive of being with a rhythm river of wordpoetry in a delicate flow

  13. intoxicating movement that dances the reader into a river of joy and ending, it catches you in its embrace and will not let go. perfection, mr. squires, perfection.


  14. Cool bananas, he said, synchopation two hands one short one longer, hmmm, three is harder without…

  15. Such a letter that the woman whom it was addressed to must be so grateful for, and having the utmost pleasure of, being a woman!..

  16. To say that this is merely “breathtakingly beautiful” would be a disservice to your talent. But alas … I am at a loss for words.

  17. descends a kiss not this nor here but
    where there is no end of you

    So beautiful Paul…I love when you write such sentiments..

  18. intoxicating…

  19. Thanks, you are all wonderful and I appreciate the feedback even if when I feel it is totally unjustified, or especially. This one has been podcast here,

  20. the podcast is lovely, thank you Paul for doing so, you read it so beautifully and flowingly and so fast and so slowingly

  21. Gorgeous… oof :)!!!

  22. Oh, lovely. Again.

  23. Straight to the heart goes this poem. My favorite ever, is still my favorite ever, but this one is his close brother now.

  24. thus spke a lover, not a fighter … i said i’d be back … i keep reading this gorgeous masterpiece, hope you don’t mind my obsession, Paul … *grin

    the core of halfrepeat but trulyexpanding assertions:

    Cannot begin to imagine the end of
    there is no end of you
    imagine no end to beginning

    is what zooms this into the metaphysical and the heart of life:

    i love you

    infinity, river of life, beside it or in it … there is pure wonder and joy here …

    this is a forever universe of a poem …

    *melts again*

    *hoping that italic tags are right this time …*
    bloody html italic thingys, Shell, you are amazingly so perfectly named of all the many creatures,

  25. *sigh* this is so beautiful

  26. …The accolades are well deserved. Stunningly surreal imagery and I am, all at once, completely captivated.

  27. […] you and By a Rushing Stream a Soldier Knelt, by Paul at […]

  28. Divine. This is like a water song sweeping me along. This is why people dream of falling in love. One of your best.

  29. This is exquisite. I am breathless with emotion.

    Thank you for sharing it with us for Search Engine Stories – I would have unknowingly missed it – the praise you recieved IS much justified.

  30. sweet, romantic and full of yearnings and a bit of sorrow, just lovely to read

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