“Sunrise Impro” by Naked Hairy Man

August 25, 2008 at 6:58 pm | Posted in writing | 20 Comments
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“When a culture is faced with an end it disregards it,” mutters Carl Jung. Huh, Mamu looks down at the pianoplayer, passed out on the beach again. He wonders why he takes it so hard, folds like waves into seaweed sandwiched between the small boat and the sand. Seagulls are somewhere on a balcony handrail where the old man sips his whiskey and turns, “Well my love, another satisfactory sunrise,

Squires! Are you staring out that window naked again, gambolling like some Pan in a verdant garden. “T’was not of his own creation, this verdant garden” recites Sir Ian in the cafe whilst dull American tourists pass by unnoticing, hurrying back to the safety of surburbia from their night in the valley.

“I do not believe,” says Carl Jung. “I can only say that I know what I know. It is not a question of belief.” And ducks as the crowd hurled fruit which woke the piano player draped over Mamu’s shoulder. He blinks into the dawn and opens his eyes to see Brighton, 2010, bobbing past like a faded poster peeling from some crazed rickshaw.


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  1. well, that’s quite a site to wake to
    It was, Ozy. Thanks for dropping by. Care for a glass of something cold?

  2. ‘…folds like waves into seaweed sandwiched between the small boat and the sand.’
    Nice, nice, nice writing Mr Squires.
    Thanks, thanks, thanks, Simonne.

  3. amazing writing, I’d say! so much happens within the space of such few words that one has to catch one’s breath afterwards…!
    Haha, thankyou Sumedh. Your site is looking wonderful. This idea of the blog as art we have been working on for so long is gradually gathering speed. If you have a minute check out Alfonso’s site through the link under his name. It is fantastic.

  4. ‘like some Pan in a verdant garden’

    I love this…:)
    Thankyou, my queen.

  5. i am rolling about on my carpet smiling a silly smile. naked hairy man, have you ever had an unsatisfactory sunrise?
    Yaya, a silly smile, that makes me very happy, Aefiel. The sunrise is always beautiful,

  6. ’twas too of his own creation ’twas ’twas
    somebody did it, noone wants the credit, Tipota, haha

  7. when you write about someone drinking whiskey you don’t have to match them shot for shot. one will do to put you in the mood w/o leaving you hungover!

    love the perspectives, the shifting of the narrative, breaking the fourth wall, engaging it, flying through the air with the greatest of ease
    Thankyou, Gwendolyn, I will try to remember your advice, sometime,

  8. Whiskery at sunrise? I hope he got not sleep because then it would be almost acceptable. I’m sure he marked her dancing card and maybe that is why the piano player is bereft. Ohhh, who cares as it’s just such a lovely journey anyway.

    (I ordered the Puzzlebox paperback today and am planning to pimp it around some of those that do the thang my way… I shall let you know what happens but there was no way I was letting them get their hands on the hard back, haha)
    Oh thankyou, Mary, you are wonderful,

  9. love that sense of dislocation when Mamu has been to collect the pianoplayer … and timeshifted to Shanghai, himself the rickshaw perhaps?

    but we didn’t actually see that .. because .. well .. there was a man .. in the window … Squires! this is wayyyy good … and Jung was right . We know what we Know … belief may well be mind control …
    Thankyou, Shell, you are wayyyy coool,

  10. This is hilarious- someone just called me a “naked hairy man,” today!
    Ahh, synchronicities abound, Randall, put some clothes on, haha,

  11. this was like eating fresh fruit pieces. quenchingly enjoyable. i dig the hairy man aspect and the hurled fruit. hilarious,
    Fresh fruit pieces, cool, thanks Mrs Ott. I am still working on the Paypal thingy. They are being uncooperative, or my bank is, or something.

  12. I have a great sympathy for Carl Jung in that piece…
    Haha, me too, Juliet.

  13. What an interesting writing.
    Thankyou, La miss

  14. I second Juliet on her sympathy for Carl Young.
    Yes, it can be unwise to claim to actually know anything these days, hello,

  15. (psssst. if the seagulls are there on the balcony with him in all his nakedness… did they spy a titbit?)

    *snorts and giggles and runs away*
    Heh, come back here,

  16. Squires..did you get into trouble for dreaming in class as a kid…no, don’t answer that..I already KNOW the answer..heh
    Often, did you get into trouble in school for not sitting still and chatterboxing, Bekki?

  17. the piano player is he ever conscious… it was the hairy man adventures that caught my eye from afar… oh sorry i forgot the naked part, is that important…now ya know i cannot help but to ask…
    Well, it’s not important to me, of course, haha

  18. […] public links >> sips "Sunrise Impro" by Naked Hairy Man Saved by slowmode122 on Tue 07-10-2008 Sleep and self-sufficiency Saved by gaaradreamer on Sun […]

  19. Paul, of course I did.

  20. Haha, thankyou, Bekki, for drawing my attention to this piece. It is perhaps the perfect place to start the new book. “Shades and Variations.” by Naked Hairy Man.

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