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August 19, 2008 at 6:30 pm | Posted in music | 21 Comments
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Penn and Teller, well I’ld make my own links, backwards. Writing a novel’s not hard. I’ld start with an ending and being me, a happy one, why not, it’s a fifty fifty shot from here and if I’m choosing my destiny instead of being blown about by any tide into whatsoever whirlpool I would choose at least to be a little happier coming out. So now who would I have to be, to be that man happy to have been, those qualities I will find in him, a story of becoming and because he is not saving the world, merely exercising his fundamental right to the pursuit of happiness, he will not need to be a superhero. Now if I become that man and write that story it will end with me sitting on a balcony next to a most beautiful woman who I may not even have seen, since how she looks becomes fundamentally unimportant when I am blinded by the light of the sun reflecting from the ocean spiralling up through the valley alive with energy, some sleeping and others laughing, some dancing and many merely pondering the miracle of existence, exu, I would tell that story backwards as did you,


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  1. wow… impressive! I think I will have to understand that still, or interprete it somehow, but I see that it IS some great piece of art this post!

    Really nice!
    Thankyou, Angoleiro, that means a great deal from you. I was so happy to find your blog. And I will be spending a lot of time there.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, the ending is just simply fantabulous…the blinding light part – perfect!
    Thanks, Sumedh. The garden is looking beautiful. That peacock is one of coolest characters around.

  3. Paul, I have completed the Puzzle Box, gone back through the pages, re-read my favourites, studied the ones that went *whoop* over my head and then for some unknown reason became crystal clear and laid it down on my bedside table to be read again and again, whenever. It is quite truly one of the most fascinating books I am lucky enough to have in my possession.

    This piece today in your blog is a highlight of the diversity within your writing although all the pieces share a common appeal… a deep rooted desire and passion, which is impossible for people to manufacture at will. My hat off to you, sir and I wish you every success with your book… it is so well deserved.
    Oh thankyou, Mary. That is the most touching comment ever. Making me cry in my own comment box is not allowed but that is a most beautiful comment and I’m glad you enjoyed the book.

  4. Well, I like the ending in as much as I wish I were in it, in that place, hell, in any kind of happy ending.
    I have attempted several stories with me as the protagonist but they are BOOOOORING and they always end with me dead or in front of the TV. Don’t know which is worse.
    Yea I do
    Ozy, you’re back. How was the holiday. You sound a little hungover, haha,

  5. let’s dance on the balcony oops we tumble over the edge, ayeee, the birds are picking their teeth, a great feast but we die happy in doo and make wildflowers reborn
    Whoops, you are so cool, Tipota,

  6. This gives me a big smile…backwards is your forte
    Thanks, Tina. According to Brazilian faith, Exu the trickster does everything backwards. Do you have another beautiful poem?

  7. i love the part where you reflect momentarily on the story you would write. just gorgeous.
    Thankyou. Lissa! Yaya, you’re back again,

  8. “Now if I become that man and write that story it will end with me sitting on a balcony next to a most beautiful woman who I may not even have seen, since how she looks becomes fundamentally unimportant when I am blinded by the light of the sun reflecting from the ocean spiralling up through the valley alive with energy, ”

    the measured flow of this passage could be the backbeat of any oscar peterson composition…

    pixyish, whimsical, and ultimately an amalgam of illusion… after all, a writer never reveals his secrets… especially in print…
    That is a fantastic comment, thanks, Chico. I have threehanded again, haha,

  9. i love this. i absolutely love this. *sigh*
    Yayay, I am glad you love it, Aefiel,

  10. Amazing thought! I truly enjoyed this. It’s a spell, an awesome spell, that you’re casting.
    Thankyou, Cocoyea,

  11. i love the title really, especially,

    it does well to capture the spirit or the voice in the story. just a nice smooth entrance; a whirlwind middle and a gliding onto smooth ground. well executed, bravo!

    i love the backwardsness. yah for exu!
    Thankyou Mrs Ott, backwards with fun great having am I, yayaya,

  12. wanted to thank you too, Paul, for linking Fiona Dunn’s poem, “The Lonely Heart.” some poems make life just a tad bit juicier for having read them and this was one. i adored that poem. i would have never found it if you had not shared.
    Oh yes, that is the RSS feed from Juliet (Crafty Green Poet’s) collection. Juliet has great taste, the quality in Bolts Of Silk is always high. Glad you enjoyed it.

  13. I like the blinding light, how it changes perception and what’s important about someone…

    Thanks for your comment too about Bolts of Silk…
    Oh that’s okay, Juliet. It’s still my favourite collection, always great poems.

  14. it suddenly occurred to me that maybe this i> is how souls orchestrate earthly destiny? i mean time isn’t linear … right?

    sooo i enjoyed this even without fully “getting” the refs but after that revelation i LOVED this …

    we’re all stories of becoming, eh? whatever anyone does on this planet, whatever its effects, i think we’re all part of the ache for a happy ending … although beginning/ending are strange terms of limited convenience …

    however, i’m going to be much more care-ful about the pre-birth plan next time .. aarrgghh-lol … got a bit sloppy with my intended chapters this time round, i think … ha!

  15. oops… also got a bit sloppy with my HTML …. *humph … didn’t complete first tag … omg, a cosmic evaluation so early in the morning?? *eek …
    What can I say, Shell so perfectly named. Thankyou for that most wonderful poemthoughtthingy improvised genius, you are amazing.

  16. If I started at the end I would be too bored to continue – surely it’s not knowing the end that keeps us moving forwards?
    Perhaps, I am confuseded, the old man’s watch has dazzled me momentarily, hello,

  17. Z – if we knew the end we’d probably lack the courage to do what we set out to .. is why we’re allowed the bliss of forgetting what we chose? maybe this also gives Hope a chance too … possibly the greatest cosmic Mover in us?

    But actually, that’s a brilliantly dynamic thought, Z … thank you!

    er .. is it allowed to dive in like this, Paul?
    Z – are you ok with me diving in?

    sheesh … i’m not often in really talkative mode, goodness, don’t know what came over me … *squeak
    Everything is allowed, Shell, especially for you. Hope is definitely a key, not an emotion not a thought, some kind of somethingorother, you must always do whatever you want, sing, squeek or shout because you are amazing,

  18. ahh the challenge/choice of starting at the end.. delightful…
    As are you, i am great believer in the powers of pie,

  19. I can almost look into the future to see what an inspired legacy your past will leave.

    I would imagine that writing a book in your world wouldn’t be hard. Nor is it for me in mine. It began with me and will end with me. Everyone else–mercifully–have taken care of the middle.

    Footnotes courtesy of a divinely inspired editor.

    Hello again, Laurie. Yes, writing the book is not the hard bit,

  20. it’s a 50-50 shot from here too forwards and backwards…

    your bloggedy blog tho always already always 100% both ways
    Thankyou, Gwendolyn, you are a champion,

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