Ari abandoned,

August 18, 2008 at 6:27 pm | Posted in prosepoemthingy, writing | 14 Comments
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Somewhere inside someplace else
he mumbles, ari abandoned into
the starry night, just grab it by
the scruff of the neck, boy,
but make sure you do it light,

I told him, I said, you’ll never get one of those things to stop for you. They’re made of light, they’ll be faster than you even going backwards but does he listen. Off chasing horses again. And we are left here, my darling, with this tiny fire contained in the desert at night, said Sunonhead into the emptiness as he struck damp flints and smiled.


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  1. oh lovely, you’re a backward genius as well, 😉

  2. oh wonderful. I wanna be there. A lovely moment in a beautiful world. captured and absolutely true.

  3. Sunonhead – my favourite character of yours and how his hidden admiration for his son’s youth and impetuousness is gently sung, probably with a gentle nod from his wife, of understanding.

    Love the melody and images in this.

  4. I too, am growing to love this character. This is so gentle, it’s lovely.

  5. breathtaking, like watching a moon reflection shift in afterglow, giving form to emptiness and back again

  6. Such a great talent you are!
    Your words is your treasure leading readers to the gates of your promised garden where you stand in the middle of a generous river and pick gold out with such an ease that you dont even need to look at the water. Your great mind keeps on sifting the gold from the river, thus your writing never gives more or less than required…The promised garden multiples itself with the number of your readers and their imagination:) What an abundance!

  7. I am catching up after so long. Glad I did…

  8. damp flints, oh i’ve been there. you bring such vitality with your words. your pieces are always alive.

  9. neverneverland appears..yeah, what they sed x2…

  10. i love the rhythm of this piece. it feels magical

  11. “Somewhere inside someplace else
    he mumbles.” Don’t mean to be self absorbed but this is such a perfect description of being inside my mind. Very perceptive piece, once again, once again.

  12. Thankyou everybody for your patience. I think I have gone around this story in both directions enough now, maybe, let’s call it chops from now on. Haha, rage on, my friends,

  13. beautiful, lovely…haunting—where did you take me? how do i get back?

    it is my turn to fill your comments with comments!

  14. Perfect. is my favorite site.

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