di’spell’ing the ego,

August 7, 2008 at 6:57 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 17 Comments
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haha, once said and done again, the right way to spell
he said, now somewhere here is a pointed purple hat,
a silver moon over a lost isle and he is running out of patience.
Is he off chasing some wild tale again,
odd dreams of strange exchanges between various creatures,
transmission by osmosis perhaps Bill? Who knew?
Ari, he shouts into the ebbing light
but too late his son has gone,


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  1. Why is Harpo Marx on top of my screen? lol

  2. Yeehah, country music, a kind of folk narrative poetry,

  3. This is a sweet lolly with hidden ingredients that are messing with my head, Paul. I have not yet read William Burroughs’ novels, but now I must. Am I destined to further spirals into confusion?
    Oh, how I wish I hadn’t read Bill’s books, Brad. I would still have that joy of discovery to savour. It was a visceral thrill for me, realising what could be done the voices and language, the notion of freedom, the whole W.S.B. experience. There are some snippets of the grumpy old bastard in the vodpod if you want a taste, just a little taste? Hahahahaha,

  4. I must read them now too.

    I love this:

    “a silver moon over a lost isle and he is running out of patience”

    Patience is something I long for and seek constantly but always arrive 10 minutes after it has left the room. These images are very sensory to me so thank you for sharing.
    Thankyou, my queen. This one is very sensory and less narrative. I am about to transmogrify it.

  5. Paul, my literary education needs your help. I think it retreated into the ebbing light…
    Haha, Simonne. Is it W.S.B.? He is one of the most neglected but important writers of the twentieth century. He revolutionised the writing of novels. Now everybody knows his name, the image, but very few people read the books or understand what was he actually saying. He talked a lot about the viral nature of language, hence, transmission by osmosis,

  6. Ari the wild child… somehow I think he’ll always come good though. I like the pointed purple hat almost as much as the green felt. The Magician Poet? Hmmmm… rings a bell.
    Ding ding, haha, thankyou Mary. Did you notice this one is built around the pun pivot. ‘Spell’ as in letters, ‘Spell’ as in a magical working. I don’t think anyone did, oh well. I am going to give it linebreaks and see what happens,

  7. Yayaya, that’s better. I added the apostrophes to the title to highlight the pun and adding linebreaks got the ‘x’ right in the middle where it belongs. Thanks everybody for the feedback. Where would I be without you?

  8. I did, I did. But you see you are such a webble with spelling and using it to create a trick of the mind, that it seems so apt. I like this with the linebreaks very much. I like more that it evolved over time and that we were witness to it.
    Cool. Maybe I just put linebreaks in all of them at the start. Thankyou for all your help over the months, Mary. It has been invaluable.

  9. The lines breaks sure helped me! 🙂 I think I better go to the library today and find me some WSB… maybe you can guide my continued education?! 😉
    Haha, I will soon go back into boofhead mode I imagine, Simonne. This clever bastard business is very tiring.

  10. still water spills a moment in forever

  11. once you said something about spooky whispers and clearest tellings, throw in surreal spirit too and now I know what it means-wow triple times spooky clear surreal, very cool
    Very cool, like you, Tipota,

  12. I like the stream of consciousness here, interesting images
    Thankyou, Juliet. I have put an RSS feed in the sidebar from ‘Bolts Of Silk’. I really admire what you are doing there. Bringing voices together, makes music, Bolts Of Silk. And you were the first person to ever accept one of my interwebby poems for an outside gig. We have come a long way together and there will be many more adventures. Here is big Friday night, thankyou, Juliet.

  13. Beautiful 🙂 .. Funny I was thinking the same thing today…
    How strange, me too, beautiful,

  14. love the middle: lines 4-6. beautiful.
    Thankyou, Lissa! I hope the other lines weren’t to disappointing. They have snuck off to sulk and mutter in a corner, bloody 4, 5 and 6 making the rest of us look bad,

  15. I like the purple hat and the silver moon, and the half conversation I’m hearing. Is Ari short for Ariel?

    There was a collection of dreams by WSB for sale at the dream conference I went to. Also one by Jack Kerouac. But I’d rather read their novels, poems, and other writings rather than the raw dreams. and I haven’t read anything by WSB either. I did see one of the vids you posted, with Japanese subtitles, interesting.
    Ari, short for Ariel, ahh,
    Well, Christine, having gone round and round bloggoland, if I had a prompt site all it would say would be, go read WSB and get back to me, but of course it wouldn’t be a very popular prompt site, oh well,

  16. Hahaha! Boofhead! Haven’t heard that in a while! Paul, one thing I think you as a writer can never be called is boofhead, (or having a boofhead mode) no matter how much you try to dumb things down for us(me) !
    Haha, you’ld be surprised, Simonne, just how much of a boofhead I can be. Maybe not as a writer but in just about every other aspect. How’s the book going? It must be nearly Varuna time for you?

  17. you are alwayss a teacher pauls. not with any other blogger have i used my google searchbox so often.
    on a side note, while i have never read wsb, my mind conjured up images of the movie Life Aquatic, when reading this.
    which prompted me then, to put on my seu jorge cd. awe, how soothing. and a nice transition from the john coltrane of my morning. good day to you.

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