The Brisbane River.

August 4, 2008 at 6:45 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 11 Comments
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It’s a long slow river not wide by any measure
more snakelike as it undulates
down from the old volcanic range,
returns to itself and its aim
below the bay
into which the river empties
almost secretly,
tribulettes become cool undercurrents
below a pressing tide
dilute and dissipate round low islands
covered with millions of tiny blue soldier crabs
who vanish into sand as
evening marks an ending
to another sundrenched day.


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  1. Wow! You really have captured the essence of nature and land with this, and in ‘Martini with fruit’. That is an amazing talent, and one that I aspire to. Thank you.
    Thanks Brad. As a fellow Aussie, your comment on the ‘essence of land and nature’ is really special. Thanks.

  2. Wow, you’re right about us being in tune today! (And mine is certainly not more beautiful.) I love this Paul, especially
    returns to itself and its aim…
    Your talent is inspiring to me.
    And another Aussie. Thanks Simonne. It was a cool synchronicity both of us writing rivers today and that they were two different rivers, different approaches and endings was nice too. Thanks,

  3. this is on!

    who needs national geographic, anyway…?
    Chico! Your change of tone in your last piece blew me away. It was much softer and more gentle and still beautifully controlled,

  4. oh lovely the river as it slides between the hills- to dance on the shore with the blue crabs, i must take you to the bridge over cape cod canal rough cut with manmade clamshell bulldozers 4 score and twenty eons ago, i dare you it says to call me anything but mighty ever slender and straight geometric backbone please come to boston he said no but you come home to picture the picture the picture the river-very many pillows of lavendar and water mist ok i’m leaving on a jet plane meet me at the porthole sixtyfour hundred. with a towel.
    I’ll be there, I think I might have already was, you are an amazing writer, Tipota,

  5. ahh, a refreshing sense of drifting along …
    Thanks, Ms Pie. And thankyou for the linkage from your lovely poem too,

  6. I adore the way you have used space in this to create an elongation of the thought. Absolutely beautiful, not only in a descriptive sense but with an undeniable applause for that which nature has created. Lovely.
    Thankyou, Mary,

  7. This conveys such a specific and universal sense of place. Like Tipota, it evokes Cape Cod for me as well, the snakelike tribulettes secretly emptying below the pressing tide, the vanishing of the soldier crabs and the ending of the day stirring for me a sense of loss I feel when I’ve been there, always at the end of the summer, the days shortening, feeling it slip away. Thank you for this. But…where’s the piano???
    Thankyou, Gloria, that is a beautiful comment. Hmm, where’s the piano, is that a hint, haha, I shall see if I can find somewhere, maybe under The Keith Jarrett Riff?

  8. switch-a-roo? it was a long sentence last night, today it is severed!
    Yes, I thought would make it more slow and windy like the river. Hello, Aefiel,

  9. hi! love the last four lines. this really is beautiful and special.
    Lissa! You’re back, hello. Thankyou,

  10. wow this is a beautiful descriptive australian sentence. i felt as if scanning over the area by rotor wing,
    “almost secretly”
    how captivating!

  11. oops, that last comment was from me. iguess i’m too sleepy to be leaving comments. lol. goodnight, then.
    Hello, Mrs Ott, and good night,

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