The Kevin Spacey Eyebrow.

July 24, 2008 at 6:35 pm | Posted in prosepoemthingy, writing | 10 Comments
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this time, I swear, didn’t do it
nuh uh, he says, like some Kevin
Spacey eyebrow,

The scar above my left eye, caused by a flying ashtray, is now invisible amongst the laugh lines,

11.00 a.m. The kids are at school hopefully learning the human, curse you Walt Disney she mumbles and he is happy at work hunting some temporary advantage in a land of fast travelling jewels. His secretary is younger than her but she retains the advantage. She knew his gift such as it was, was only in his hands and she allows him his moustachios because it is cheaper than another Porsche. She still listens to Nina Simone on occasion but it is much rarer these days that she selects track 12, “The Other Woman.” She understands that every art must be tempered with a certain craft and how to make him enjoy the wait and afterwards a wake,


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  1. shocking smart unique way
    Thanks, Tipota,

  2. how befitting. you write jewels that i crave, even when i’m half drunk on heaps on gin&tonic

    tipsy, not drunk. yes, the other woman
    half tipsy on heaps of g and t? have a nice hangover, tiny one, be happy,

  3. wicked 🙂 … and beautiful …
    Emerging from my own mental mist, thankyou, Mental Mist,

  4. A wonderful mix of different shades of the same story so that we are left sated. You know that I am always one to indicate that monogamy for both parties is always such an impossible idealism, so with my little feminist hat on I would have liked to have had a little hint of something more from her. That song – the way Nina sings it – is just wonderful and is a masterstroke inclusion for your story.
    Thankyou, Mary P. I know you include the thought as well as the act in monogamy so I would agree in that way. Monogamy of the act though is quite simple. I was hoping that in this piece it was clear that her experience gave her the ability to control his desire but perhaps I was a little obscure, haha,

  5. Nina Simonne – yes, oh yes.
    Oh yes,

  6. Yes to Nina Simone, particularly as a reminder and an outlet. And yes to knowledge and familiarity controlling and corralling.
    Thankyou, that is a very reassuring comment.

  7. mmm, the worlds this writing takes me to, i was drifted off into some frank lloyd wright inspired office in the 80’s,
    big blonde hair, big jewelery, big shoulder pads.
    and then i had to reread it to make sure i was paying attention.
    i especially enjoyed the end Pauls
    Oh no, not the 80’s again! Thanks Mrs Ott, that is a very cool comment,

  8. Loved it!

  9. Mmm…Kevin Spacey….

    I like this piece, seems to have an almost menacing undertone….very “American Beauty”-ish…
    thankyou, Amber,

  10. this is marvellous – honest and wry, every layer is abundantly clear, Paul .. *grin … how soulmates continue to court each other is fascinating, simultaneously complex and simple, full of courage and risk-taking .. perhaps we’re all works of art in shades of form, expression … works of art in progress, daubed on another’s palette …
    That is a truely beautiful comment, Shell. Thankyou,

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