Unable To Afford Even Regret.

July 17, 2008 at 7:08 pm | Posted in writing | 12 Comments
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Mate, mate, have you gotta minute? I just wanted to ask you a quick question. I seen you around and you’re not like them others, fucking suits, and well, I just wanted to ask you, do you know where I can get some of the good thing happening.

“Well that would be largely a matter of definition, I imagine.” I said looking up from the backs of my hands.

Mate it’s just that I thought you were familiar and that ink, it’s old ink but I bet it was done by Little Mick. That’s a Little Mick leopard.

“I’m sorry, I’ve heard of Little Mick but he was always kind of legendary to me. Did ‘The Rebels’ ink for them and I think he did Tex Perkins’.”

And your missus, mate, I’ve seen her around. She is somethingelse. Those tits. Is she still working?

There was a long pause while secretaries and accountants and receptionists with their lawyers on leads all hustled by the corner not even seeing us as if this was something happening to ghosts,

Anyway, like I say, do you know where I can get on to anything? You see, fact is I remember you too he said scratching the back of his hand and I know you shouldn’t be walking around, if you know what I mean. I remember, well let’s just say certain things stick with you and she didn’t deserve that, man. Maybe she did love you but you shouldn’t have walked into that room right then. Not even a moral question just plain fucking bad luck for everyone, he said.

“Except you. Until now,” and slowly slid my hand into my pocket.


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  1. Oo, does he kill him, huh? Huh? Does he, does he? Gritty, slick and dark… nice one.
    Oo, I don’t know yet. Blackmail is a dangerous art. But then again they are creatures of a type so perhaps they will reach an understanding, we’ll see. Hello, Simonne, you posted again,a very cool MC Escher story thought, yayaya, you must be over your hump,

  2. I picture Carey Grant for this character, for some reason. Please continue this…you just can’t leave us hanging.. 🙂
    Cool, Carey Grant. Thanks, Tina.

  3. slice of light in film noir realtime and deep well
    clear water drink with oracle resonance
    Wow, what a comment, thanks, Tipota.

  4. Makes me just ready for another tattoo…:)
    Okay, what would you like?

  5. intense with touches of surrealism – you are the master of it. Lawyers on leads made me laugh, but I wanted to know what the weather was. I imagined a hot and and sticky afternoon but I really wanted to know. Just a stupid Brit quirk I suppose but I wanted to know if he was sweaty or hunched up in an overcoat. I fancy sweaty with a cheroot. Each to their own, haha.
    Haha, exactly. The less description I can get away with, leaving out all unnecessary, the more room for your imagination, Mary,

  6. Mary, how funny, I imagined it in an awful air-conditioned place, like a coffee shop or diner, fake air

    i love how each moment piles onto the next, pulling the reader along, until the last killer line
    Killer line, haha, and there it is again, room to move, so maybe the pieces work like movies without pictures,

  7. I felt like a ghost while I read this. BTW- I know a guy who got a tatto made out of this very special, slippery ink. It was ink that could move on its own. Apparently, it was originally a tattoo of an Eagle on his back. But then it moved down to his knee. After wriggling his kneecap a little, it slithered to his stomach. Later that night, it escaped through his nose and was last seen sliding down the street where this guy lived.
    Ha, if I see it around anywhere I’ll let you know.

  8. Great build-up of tension! But what happens next? Is there a sequel? 🙂
    Hello again, you’re back. I think there will be a sequel, maybe a prequel too.

  9. Gorgeous!! Oof, to be able to write this, so effortlessly!! Loved this one…
    Cool, glad you enjoyed it, thankyou,

  10. This is more up my alley. I love the tension and the cliffhanger ending but dang you – you always leave us in the middle and then go dancing off to another part of another story. You’re making my eyes cross, my friend. 😉
    Sorry, Annie, haha,

  11. dang that title is exceptional to the story…

  12. Rewrite as a blog entry–
    I was walking along the city street to work when without warning my mind slipped into being who I was fifteen years ago. I was confronted by my past, a shadowy figure, me as I was, tempting me to become him again, luring me with the romantic exotica of a certain type of lifestyle and the concomittant guilt.
    Nah, I like my version better.

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