Eastern Horizon.

July 15, 2008 at 6:55 pm | Posted in writing | 15 Comments
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You see, son, a true sailor is never becalmed for long. As long as you got breath in you you got wind, the old blowhard said smacking me between the shoulder blades and lurching off into the night waving his dragon tankard. Dawn was flirting red fingernails over the long horizon and the last two stars glittered reflected in the gentle rolling ocean like a slow cascade of dark curls unfurling, and it was in that moment I fell in love.

Heh son, he said disappearing down the hatchway, next port, Shanghai, I’ll get ya a mermaid tattoo then turned and mumbled into his filthy beard, that’ll fix ya,


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  1. I love this.

    ‘Dawn was flirting red fingernails over the long horizon and the last two stars glittered reflected in the gentle rolling ocean like a slow cascade of dark curls unfurling,’
    Really beautiful writing Paul.
    Thanks, Simonne, that was quick, i was just making a tiny adjustment in the phrase coming out of that line, and I can’t decide if it is too sweet and change it back or not, oh well, someone’s commented now, so I can’t change it again. Hello, what’s going over at your place,

  2. oh I like sweet – I think it is perfect. I’ve read this aloud and it rolls wonderfully. The description of the reflection is so sensual that the sweetness offsets it into calm – and then bang! the blaggard brings us back to earth, haha. Love it.
    Yayaya, thankyou,

  3. Not too sweet, but don’t let me stop you 🙂

  4. this one makes me smile in the belly
    cool, that is a great place to smile,

  5. ye old ships captain with swarthy skin and barnacled hull, yo ho ho, wheres that bottle o rum

  6. ooh this went lovely with my Odyssey read. they speak of Dawn with her ‘rose-red fingers”…
    i had never thought of dawn like that. must be the observation of great minds, alike in their way.
    i love the salty seascape you’ve drawn in my head. beautiful writing.
    Thankyou, Mrs Ott.

  7. “Dawn” begins one quirky, perfect sentence which, given the Odyssey reference, is even more perfect because of your “thing” about nail polish. The slow cascade of dark curls unfurling. What could be more stunning. And of course you fall in love with the image, because the reader does at the same time.
    Haha, you remembered my curious nail polish, cool, and thankyou,

  8. “That’ll fix ya” ROTFL 😀 😀 ….

    This one gives hope… Yep, there is always an ocean waiting to be sailed… As long as we dont search too hard 😦
    Indeed, you have boggled me, but rolling around the floor laughing is always a good thing. Hello, again, My Mental Mist most boggling,

  9. Nice imagery, Paul.
    And the mermaid tattoo, nice touch. The newbie has no idea what the sea has in store for him does he?
    I can see the old drunken bastard just sitting back and watching the young man sink deeper and deeper.
    Chris! How’s it going? Or maybe the young kid will touch the old bastard’s heart especially when he finds out the unexpected truth that it’s his son! Oh no, star wars again, how many stories is there? <aybe three I reckon, redemption, no redemption, or an oscillation between the two, after that it all just gets too complicated for me,

  10. I really liked this piece, paul. especially “Dawn was flirting red fingernails over the long horizon.”
    Thankyou, helllooo, I am talking to you over at your place too, you are like a dolphin skipping through waves appearing and disappearing,

  11. Pour it on, Paul.

    I was just thinking about all these tattoo posts you’ve been putting up, I want to invite you over to my site to check out an old story you may not have read. “In the Bathroom (With a Razorblade)”. It’s a memoir and it’s got some interesting tattoo elements.
    Cool, I shall, right now,

  12. This one made me laugh at the end, with “that’ll fix ya,” Yes.

  13. i heard in college from the now California State Poet Laureate Al Young that there are 7 stories (not 3)…somewhere in the garage in my notes i have them listed but they might as well be in the belly of the mermaid tatoo for how accessible they are and who really cares since there’s really only one story and that one is love which of course i do love the red fingernails dripping dawn and in the moment i too fell hard into the sea

  14. Dug it. especially the last part about the mermaid’s tattoo. That caught me by surprise.

  15. the first sentence, so true… so few words a story is told… that’ll fix ya.. had to laugh…

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