’tis a gift to be simple

July 12, 2008 at 6:12 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 26 Comments
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said Pooh Bear on a stroll,

I saw for miles through that cool blue

your eyes,

the sky, the skies in love with you,

(the image under the link and the title are by the extraordinary Rick ‘Mobbsy’ Mobbs.)


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  1. are you married, paul?
    My goodness, that’s a very direct question. No, I’m not. Did you like my little poem?

  2. simply astonishing.

  3. i like your little poem especially the last line.
    Thankyou, Lissa.

  4. i love this!
    Thanks Rick. I saw that painting and thought, Sunonhead, yayaya,

  5. yes, yes i did. i still do, too. pardon my direct question, curiosity gets the better of me sometimes. guess i just wanted to know more about you?

    i like to know how a person’s life, upbringing, surroundings and happenings affect his writing. you are good enough for me to want to know you like i do Henry David Thoreau. so tell me more, won’t you?
    Ah well, this is an interesting question, Aefiel. I’m not sure knowing more of the mundane details of my life would help you to appreciate the writing and I am (though I doubt many people would believe it) a quite private person. Besides my life isn’t all that interesting, most of the interesting bits are already in the blog one way or another. But you are special and I will try to answer any questions as openly and truthfully as I can.

  6. Interesting.
    BTW- the import business is in recession. We are all out of stuff ‘n fluff
    Cool, bring on the new then, I say, have to move into manufacturing, hahaha

  7. I loved this – the eyes are the sky. Yes, that’s right.
    Cool, thankyou.

  8. my apologies for being so long in getting back here paul…life has been mad lately!
    this is nice…very nice

    on another note, i will make the observation you should perhaps throw the floor open to questions if there are some who have curiosity lingering in their minds…it would seem people would like to know more do you think? given my questions to you were rather generic perhaps you could repeat the excercise here?
    Hello, thankyou. There is the Takeshi-Kitano Nexus, I’m afraid, the Morrison Huxley Effect is playing up, tapping the screen. If you mean I should post pieces which are answers to questions in the comments box, that would be interesting challenge but kind of sounds like…

  9. and again you didn’t answer
    Arrgagaag, I give up. The next question I get in the comment box, I will answer in the next piece as honestly and directly as I can, but I reserve the right to say afterwards that fiction is sometimes the best way to express the truth, I shall get my blindfold, light one last cigarette, fire at will,

  10. This is awesome Paul….I may have to request a custom coffee mug with this on it…
    thankyou, Amber, that is a cool idea. I will try to remember, hello,

  11. Very nice poem. I really enjoyed this.
    Thanks, Warren. I know how busy you are and I really appreciate you taking the time to comment.

  12. Loading now…give me time to get the bullets just “so”
    Haha, too late, he puts the blindfold on and in the darkness slips away into the night, escaped again he did, thanks to the cloak Takeshi gave him,

  13. privacy. just say it’s not worth wading in manure to find out what the cow ate for breakfast lol.
    haha, indeed, did you like my little poem?

  14. So succinct, compact with so much beauty and meaning, to be read again and again, like a song.

  15. Pooh is the MAN!
    woohoo, i am occassionally excessively tiggerly,

  16. ps. That painting…in love!!
    Rick is a fantastic artist and he gives an enormous amount of his time and energy and creativity to inspiring the people around him. That is to say, a bloody champion, Mobbsy,

  17. a few lines worth a thousand words

  18. better yet-a few words worth more than a thousand pictures
    or both even, cool, thankyou, Tipota, your writing is incredible, such energy, I want to say, surrealginga in your writing but that might be going too far, haha,

  19. i love the idea that the sky can love..anyone.
    that is a beautiful idea, me too, your poem, Sarah about the lies is gorgeous, so fluent and open,

  20. i love what you’ve done with the image, Paul. wow. amazing. i’m eating up the last line.

    ps, yah uh my wordle thing did not work so well i saw lol. i deleted my post, whoops lol.
    Thankyou, whoops you had wordleerror, haha, but your new piece is cool and tussocky, a great tussocky tundra go for a walk with a ten year old and you,

  21. Aefiel,
    I have thought long and hard about this and here is my present position. It is fundamentally impossible for you or anyoneelse to know who someone is by reading their blog or their emails. This might not be true in every case but the thing is you can’t know if it is true in any particular case either. Maybe they are honest, maybe they are very good at pretending to be honest. You can’t possibly know for sure. So the best thing to do, especially for you Aefiel, as beautiful and as charming and wondrous as you are, is to understand that it is all a performance, even if just a performance of the self. If I am not standing in front of you breathing the same air and the energy of life transpiring immediately between us, not edited and delayed and considered long enough to write it down, you don’t know who I am. No matter how hard I try, even how hard I try not to try. It is a metaphysical question of the ontology of fictional characters and the self.

  22. oh pooh he does know… its all about the love of honey and blue skies of poohville.. ricks paintings are outta this world…

  23. Yep. Tis a gift, destined for card board wishes and daily subscription quotes

    Forgive my pessimism 😦 , loved it, really!

  24. pooh bear lives again in the poem. I think I chose a beautiful painting to have a little meditation.

  25. […] ’tis a gift to be simple, by Paul Squires, on […]

  26. Brilliant!

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