Japanese wave tattoo.

July 11, 2008 at 5:46 pm | Posted in antihaiku, writing | 13 Comments
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The Japanese pornographer crossed her long legs and smiled. He won’t go a cent over fifteen thousand she said.

Hector was dead by the time Simon got back to Brisbane carrying the suitcase containing both the film and the fifteen thousand.

She had fingernails he slurred at the Brazilian stripper later that night and each of them had a different animal carefully embroidered.

He woke up in a different city in a room with just a Japanese woodcut of a wave over the bedhead, there was a knock on the door and that was that then, he said, as I reassured him, don’t worry the warden has seen fit to provide a brand new kit given the incidence of sickness, so a Japanese Wave tattoo, as his veins swelled, there must be a story behind that,


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  1. There’s another prison tattoo story that I loved, fairly recently if I recall? This is wonderful.
    Thanks, Simonne. I am doing a whole series of prison tattoos, but slowly.

  2. oh i love it! i love the he,she. this made me laugh. i’ll have to click on your “prosepoemthingy” collection.

  3. lovely

  4. I like how you use the word “embroidered”, it’s a perfect discription, in one word, of the laying down of a tattoo. Exactly like watching embroidered lines appear on fabric, ink on skin.
    Thanks, Chris, it’s always good to see you round the place.

  5. Complex, as always, with a very different tone to the last one. Interesting that the tattoo artist is the one who came to mind as the main character.
    Thankyou, Mary P.,

  6. really great images in this. love the part about slurred fingernails.
    Thanks Lissa!

  7. So…it’s a tatoo that waves?
    Haha, thanks for the tip, I have added the image and a link explaining it a bit better too. The writing is probably a lot easier to understand if you know there are three boats in the picture. Thanks again.

  8. …ah, there is nothing like the sea… if it wasn’t that i prefer land, i would be a dolphin… but thaz another story… tattoos… did you ever read ray bradbury’s illustrated man…

  9. Loved this one too. And the picture: the great wave of kanagawa was one of my all-time favorite pictures growing and and pretty much the reason why I got into painting 🙂

    Hope you’re well.
    Thankyou, I have been surfing that wave across the Pacific, hello, I hope you are well too,

  10. This poem is a swelling of scenes, a wave of people coming and going, very much like a dream, with mystery intact.
    Thankyou, that is a lovely comment,

  11. This piece was so small and succint but with great imagery and pace. Like a morsel of chocolate with a touch of caramel secretly waiting to delight your tongue.
    Thankyou. It’s also one of most read pieces I’ve ever written, thanks to a strange twist of google fate.

  12. Finally rummaging around in here Paul.
    getting a feel for your site and your poetry.

    This one grabbed me. I love the clipped ‘jump-cut’ narrative, which echoes the piecing back together of story.


  13. […] voice is an artificial construct, she says, crossing her long legs and wriggling her toes. The Japanese pornographer is indulging in what is known as cos play. She is dressed as her favourite anime character. She is […]

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