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The television is on but one scene
doesn’t seem to connect to the next.
The kitchen is an empty space
though the fridge is full and dinner waits.
Books have words I cannot hear
when you are not here.

I wonder what my arms are for,
why it is I have lips at all.
The dog lies motionless at my feet,
not asleep, just on pause.
His tail is between my legs,
his nose is pointed at the door,


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  1. superfantabulous; this is easily one of my favourites by you; I say ‘one’ of my favourites, of course, because you are constantly good with words all the time; but this is just amazing. Probably also because it’s just that kind of (I can’t define what kind of) poetry which I really like.

  2. Oh, Paul, this is not a blog, this is a world — and I could get gloriously lost here!!

    I’ve read a few pieces, listened to Tom sing about the piano and just sat, smiling, thinking how much fun I’m going to have here exploring…

    Your easeful relationship with words go back a long, long way…exceptional writing!


  3. existentialism is often defined, debated, dissected… but it’s never been portrayed so simply or eloquently… and to achieve this with only seventy nine words is a feat that Kierkegaard and Nietzsche would have likely found quite compelling…

  4. i could just lie here and read you all night long

  5. Succinct and perfect.

  6. I suggest she writes him a list next time she goes out. Women like lists. Things to do… fix that shelf, put out the trash, take the damned dog for a walk (heheh), things like that. She could pin it to the fridge, eh?

    Lovely poem, rhyming ease and a poignancy laced with anticipation. Exquisite, as always.

  7. i agree with aefiel. this poem is wonderful. i keep rereading it. i love it.

  8. I feel the longing in this poem as though you were waiting for some Divine spark to enter and illuminate your room at that instant. Beautifully written, scrumptuous and evocative.

  9. i’m jealous. i can’t come up with any comments as good as these.
    yum words.

  10. Amazing, just amazing, you truly have a remarkable way with taking words and crafting their meanings. Great job.

  11. Emptiness and anticipation so artistically drawn with images, especially the dog pointing to the door. One of your best.

  12. don’t know what to say more. you’re so great. what a captivating poem.

    waiting.. waiting…

  13. i agree with mary p. a honey-do list.

    i love the last two lines the best. very clever.

    the sounds of some of the words next to each other make almost and oh-so-subtle rhymes which i can also equate with this man’s waiting, the boredom anyway.

    its great Pauls

  14. Seems you are making soft portraits all your own these days. I love this very much.

    I wonder what my arms are for,
    why it is I have lips at all. <—–Damn you’re good. I want to steal this..thats how I know it’s good… (grin)

  15. “Books have words I cannot hear” I love that. Evokes such a deep sense of lonliness.

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  17. Thanks everbody for these lovely comments. I am running out of ways to tell you how valuable they are to me. I spent a long time (25 years) writing in almost complete isolation and often feel overwhelmed by all these compliments. Thanks again.

  18. Paul….this is such a sad piece, but there is a truth to your words, and this is why I adore you.

  19. Excellent, specially the description of the dog

  20. utterly wonderful … love the projection here, the mirroring of dog and man … your technique here is incredibly subtle, enigmatic … it holds time still so that reader waits as well …

  21. suspended in love… one of the many mixed woes of waiting… there’s nothin like a doggy to keep you in comfort till the waiting is over… keep writing those great stories… a most enjoyable journey though the land of paul…

  22. In case you did not know..I got the inspiration for the poem I wrote for you from this one. 🙂 It’s most certainly my favorite of all you have done. For the simple greedy reason that it is a portrait poem and it reveals the way you do them compared to the way I do my own..and well, I just like it..quite a lot actually.

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