Having lost everything, again.

June 8, 2008 at 4:41 pm | Posted in writing | 17 Comments

‘Yeah well, you pays your money and you takes your chances.’
‘But I dont think in sentences, five to ten, and I don’t think anybody does. A writer understands that language is a way of seeing, a mediating filter between the me and the not-me.’
‘Well, maybe so,’ he says slamming the lid of the piano down on my fingers, ‘but you still owe what you owe.’
‘It’s a way of being, involving an involuntary compulsion toward risk.’
‘Man still wants what’s his,’ he says wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.
‘You can’t discover a boundary without crossing it.’
‘Whatever. You gonna fuck her or not?’
‘Well, can I talk to her first? Then it might be considered erotica.’
‘Talk all you want. This is pro porno. We got a good editor.’
‘My feet are too big. I look like I’m made of earth. Can you hurry up, the baby sitter is on overtime,’ she says.  
(inspired partly by Mobbsy’s painting)


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  1. that will do just fine el senor gingatao. if it is okay wid you i may put a little xxx beside it so as to draw the church ladies

  2. p.s. welcome aboard!

  3. aha! such a wicked wicked wit! I simply adore you.

    “My feet are too big. I look like I’m made of earth. Can you hurry up, the baby sitter is on overtime” has me roaring with laughter. sucha gift YOU have Paul. bravo.

  4. Beautifully done!! Especially loved the

    “A writer understands that language is a way of seeing”

    I was doing some analysis of the novels of two or three prolific novelists a month ago and I found that by and large the names they gave for all their characters rhymed – Joe Cardi, Elmo Perry sorta… Then I went back to some of my older stories and bingo, I was doing the same thing too … Your post reminded me strongly of this 🙂

    Very beautifully done!!

  5. beautiful & clever, like always. two sentences especially blew me away: a writer understands… and the one about boundaries. great job. 🙂

  6. paul, let’s write a book together.

  7. i love the turn of from crossing boundaries to fuck her

    let me know when we can not drink buckets of wine

  8. Love “pro porno” and “involving involuntary compulsion towards risk.” Love the humor of the contrasting voices. And is it my imagination or is there a lot of slamming down of things in your posts?

  9. The end of this cracked me up!

    Great dialogue between the poet/musician and the club owner. Dialectics in poetry. With a funny ending.

  10. Thanks, Rick, yes better give the grammar grannies fair warning, haha.
    I adore you too, Lakota, but complicatedly rather than simply.
    Thanks, Mental Mist, I can’t imagine why this post reminded you of rhyming names, but there you go, thanks for the complimentcomment.
    Gloria, hello, there is a lot of slamming things down although the other day I gently placed a martini on the piano, nobody noticed, slamming is much louder, woohoo.
    aefiel, i would love to write a book with you, let’s start with the title, what shall we call it?
    artpredator, you may continue to drink buckets of Aussie wine for a long time, there is still a magnificent surplus.
    And Mariachristina, making you smile makes my day.
    There you go, thanks everybody, on with the show, hoist the sails, batten the hatches,

  11. Oh I like her feistiness and I love the click, click conversation… smooth and racy. You’ve used more punctuation, haha, I like it!! But it feels like you have your best shirt and tie on, ‘stop fiddling with your collar Squires. You look marvelous, now leave it alone.’ Fantastic picture too Rick… women are very picky about their feet you know.

  12. Haha, I know. I thought I had better dress for the occassion but it is uncomfortable. Did you notice I only used ‘these ones’ not “these”, so it was a compromise not a sellout, haahaha, hello, Ms P.,

  13. Lovely lines. I like how the same picture brought out different stuff from different people.

  14. Kind of toying with the idea of the writer being forced into compromise (porno) in order to secure an audience and meet the practical necessities of life.

  15. dang, could not help it read all the comments so don’t have none of my own.. yeah, what they all sed!!.. you owe whacha owe… unhuh… the feet thing is such a thing.. there i sed it… punctuation w/o commas…

  16. the title is what really caught me since this is a tragedy i’ve found myself in more than a couple times. after reading the item and then looking at the art, i love what your mind got caught up in as you drifted into that painting. its a beautiful painting and a beautiful piece of writing. i love the leap of the heart sensation, considering the characters desperation.

  17. […] and from the good ship gingatao, the master mariner’s salty wordfeast, Having lost everything, again. […]

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