June 2, 2008 at 4:42 pm | Posted in writing | 13 Comments

As in not a hole in the ground, thankyou, he said popping his head up from behind the bar. Can I get you another? Yes, sir, it would be impossible to die while listening to that. You’re in pharmaceuticals, you say, oh well, before the invention of pharmaceuticals there was only the ocean, biochemically elastical as we are.

Oi! Barkeep, there’s a man dying here,

Oh sorry sir, what can I get you?

She reclines most miraculous into some strange divan, it seems everything is under control play something quick extemporise who knows next when desire will arise,


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  1. oh, I loved this, really loved this. Thanks! 🙂

  2. What makes the word ‘pharmaceuticals’ stand out so bright here? It made me slow down and take the word seriously because of the complex and diverse sound within it. You’re wicked to use it twice. The mood change for the last para is silky smooth.

  3. When everything seems under control the ropes might be holding breath to run through the hands, to free the biochemically elastic desires…Oy!

  4. the ocean as an anti-depressant? oh yeah – i concur.

  5. i like the multiple meanings “dying” can have in this. the line “who knows next when desire will arise” makes for a very contemplative ending.

  6. Love the sound of “desire will arise.” And the double meaning.

  7. Could almost getting to be called chops this one, nearly. Anyway I have a general question of all you willing victims of schmoooze, haha, (see ‘critics’). As soon as my gingaTao Tshirt gets here, I will post a new photo, whoopie i hear you say, but then I must take this show on the road so I will practice 1 take rips on the podcast as rehearsals. The question is, which pieces, hmmm,

  8. ooooh – read teardrop tattoo!!!!! pretty pretty pretty please?
    mmm….. new photo? ~wicked leer~ LOL! sorry. i’ll behave.

  9. It’s a deal, first in first served, don’t behave please,

  10. You are very good at in medias res. You require the reader to pay attention, to enter a kind of parallel universe where desire, dance, and drink abound.

  11. i meant to say that I too noticed your new template and art work, plus you added a Chinese puzzle box, is that the header art? It’s fun to change the look of one’s blog.

  12. “in media res.” I wonder what that is, but thank you anyway. I like the new look too, it’s a little calmer I think. The Chinese Puzzle Box is an artefact from times long ago. Thanks again,

  13. it is the meandering that engages… back and forth, around and around.. a subtle pause, a brief stare, and then sits and chats… wings appear with slight movement of a comma.. that is what is so engaging in your words.. it is always a pleasure…with a splash of alice plz…

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