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The Writer as Libertine (podcast)

from “The Puzzle Box”

by some mad bastard who thinks time truely is not linear,

cos Rick asked and also because at some point you have to take a crazy risk but more importantly to assert that they are buying the publishing rights to the manuscript and not the podcast or performance rights. (or not buying them at the moment, but we’ll see, oh and because Poetmouse Writer Reading icon avatar dared me in a way,


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  1. now this is one of my favorites too…Shivered! (as you – I guess it was you reading/singing – mentioned somewhere there)
    Cool, thankyou. I never listen to them, it is an horrific experience for me, honestly. So I value any feedback. I’m reading your amazing poem at the moment. I am going to take my time before I comment though except to say it is obviously incredibly good. I am going to read it again now.

  2. Linear time is an illusion of perspective.

  3. Oh, and your sound quality is so much better than mine. I gotta get a mic.
    I’ve only gotta cheap one, the Audacity software does most of the work if you can figure out the buttons.

  4. Time is space separated; space is time showcases; just returned from a time bound holiday though 😦

  5. ok as much as this guy confuses me I am even more confused at the moment at the disappearance of my link to my blog :/ (lol I am living in my own world… maybe time is a linear :P)

  6. :@ where is the link, why isn’t my name clickable errrrrr! (sorry to double post but I am upset at the moment 😦 )

  7. Sounds fantastic…def one of my favorites.

  8. if you don’t mind

    your voice sends feathers all aquiver among leaves, dipped in ink. In a grand hall, a chandielier swings as the mansion of words will move where it must, and float atop an island,

    where they discovered a new crop
    and a colour to boot

    which is my very self-indulgent, expressionistic way of communicating my first impressions of this, and how much i loved it. its all the better in the podcast format.


  9. A wonderful poem… extremely uplifting and romantic. It was lovely to close eyes and relax with the words.

  10. I left a long effusive comment over at the podcast, like everyone going to the party in one place and I show up at another, wondering where everyone is. Common problem in my life. So you will have to shuffle over there to see my post. And I never dare anyone. What’s this with a dare “in a way.” As I recalled, you dared me. Hmmph!

  11. All fantastically wonderful comments, thankyou, soon it will be time for a group hug, as soon as enigma show up again, look out, haha and i like the way that disturbed stranger showed up in the middle, a stranger and clearly disturbed. hahahahaha, sorry,

  12. Congrats. You are publishing a collection of poems? I hope.
    I am trying to, but all I am doing at the moment is collecting an impressive range of rejection letters from the world’s great publishing houses. The letterheads are nice.

  13. i thought time was just a way to sell clocks

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