bedtime pastorale

May 26, 2008 at 7:20 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 14 Comments
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they call it a knowing smile
and i am a victim of it
a poor slow beast, drawn,
predicted, already read by a
far quicker and more responsive
flicker forward into her reward
led once more down a garden path
into a verdant dream of thighs and sighs
then released into vacant sleep
as she reaches for her reading glasses.


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  1. Ah men and their sweet naivety 🙂 This is great Paul.

  2. less than worshipping, more than admiration…
    not too far from defiance, not too close to surrender…

  3. ~laughing!!~
    so funny, so clever.
    Garden paths can be fun, especially if they’re the wild, untamed ones. No prissy british gardens if you please. Give me the mock forests with wild flowers run amok. ~still laughing~

  4. I wonder what she would be reading?

    He creeps on tiptoes to his reward, leaving him sated, so I believe he is a willing victim, haha. Clever subtle rhyme, fantastic sounds as you read it aloud.

    Might we hear more of these two?

  5. Playful internal rhyming with a hilarious, but alas common, ending. At least she didn’t start off with a headache.

  6. great images & rhythm. clever & fantastic, as usual.

  7. The title is wonderful. I imagine the narrator found what the smile promised, and then fell into sleep. It meant more to him than the woman, who unpoetically reached for her book. What remains unsaid is as powerful as what is spoken.

  8. “I wonder what she would be reading?”
    GingaTao poems OF COURSE.

    ~and yes, still laughing~

  9. why thankyou, that is a rain of comments like snowflakes in the spring,

  10. how very poetic 🙂
    why, thankyou,

  11. that’s what I call a knockout

  12. it is all so simple and divine… what no cigarette… who sed it’s whambamthankumam… tho it was lovely gesture shared after a long summer day …

  13. “a verdant dream of thighs and sighs”

    What a great line.

  14. Love your choice of ending….amazing

    “as she reaches for her reading glasses”

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